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Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights

Vol. 2

by Stacey Bryant, Denise Devine, Beth Gildersleeve, Maddie LeSage, Rose Marie Meuwissen, Kathleen Nordstrom, Angie Speed

Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights Vol 2

Reach for the Stars by Stacey Bryant
When Eve Brant is forced to sell the business that has been in her family for over forty years, she expected to face a few obstacles. Starting over on Nicollet Island, a small island located on the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, brings promise. But it also brings Mason Mitchell, the man who’d put her out of business.


Run From the Night by Denise Devine
Julie Stark is running scared. On her morning nature walk, she encounters two men in hoodies carrying a large black bundle resembling a body bag. Is she witnessing a crime or is her imagination working overtime? Panicking, she ducks out of sight and believes she’s eluded them, but later that day, her greatest fear comes true when the men send her an unexpected warning. They’d seen her on the trail... And they know where she lives.


Bitty Love by Beth Gildersleeve
Overworked restaurant consultant Elle Murphy has become a tightly-wound, passionless, perfectionist with insomnia. She just wants her life back. OK, so maybe she still wants the guy who once betrayed her, too. The same guy she now needs to work with to succeed in her new job as Executive Director of a coffeehouse chain. Marketing Director Josh Wright never forgave himself for messing up with Elle. He managed to get his skittish rescued mini-boxer to trust him. Can his love and patience work the same magic on a skittish woman? Maybe, with the help of a few snowy Minnesota nights under the northern lights.


Writer's Block by Maddie LeSage
Morgan Montgomery wants an opening for her new mystery novel, but when she crosses paths with Detective John Gomez, her story falls to the back burner. When her life is threatened, she finds she needs John for more than just a storyline. She needs him to save her life.

Can a mystery novelist and a handsome detective join forces to solve the crime that brought them together? Will Morgan find more than just a story in the dark, cinnamon-colored eyes of the handsome detective who stole her heart?


A Kiss Under the Northern Lights by Rose Marie Meuwissen
Bailey is about to give up on her dream of being a top photographer. An exceptional shot of the elusive Northern Lights seems to be her only hope.

Alex agrees to help out at his parents’ resort in Northern Minnesota, but never imagines by doing so he would find the woman of his dreams. Someone to love him for who he really is at heart—a Northern Lights tour guide, instead of the CEO of Below Zero, a winter clothing company.


Starry Nights by Kathleen Nordstrom
A few years after Detective Maggie Malone’s ex-lover and partner, Detective Dan Cooper, got her shot in his involvement in a sting operation, she has recovered from a broken heart and returned to work at a different police department.

She is assigned to a case in the death of a young woman. The young woman was Detective Dan Cooper’s girlfriend. When all clues lead back to Dan, Maggie fears he may be more involved in the murder than she wants to believe.

Forced to spend the night at the cabin, will they get a second chance at love?


Guilty Beginnings by Angie Speed
Lila Grace is a gutsy thief, a talented artist, and an FBI’s pretty prize. Defying trouble, and on the sneak, she is determined to do what it takes to steal back her family heirloom.

Lying in wait, hunky FBI agent Ford Lavato is fingertips away from making an arrest, snagging Lila in a tempting trap. But can he catch the elusive thief as she shamelessly toys and flirts her way out of the tangled up predicament?

The heat rises, and they both get more than they bargained—stakes increase, and the game ignites. Is it the end, or just the beginning?

See who will come out on top, in this fun-and-flirty game of cat and mouse.

Guilty Beginnings, is a stand-alone short story and the prequel, meet-cute, to the novel Guilty for More.


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Release Date: September 8, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Anthology

Pink Satin Romance


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