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Eighth Winter

by Jillian Kae Reimann

Eighth Winter by Jillian Kae Reimann

After Trayten disappeared from Dorset in the winter of 1901, Katherine spent the next eight years searching for him.

She never imagined she would find him like this: confined to a wheelchair on the island of Alderney with no memory of her or their turbulent past. Now, the brilliant painter who once loved her is a hollow shell of the man she once knew.

But Katherine is determined to restore Trayten’s memory, uncover the mystery of his disappearance, and obtain absolution for her calamitous past mistakes. She will contend with his resistance to recovery and also with Marian, the possessive caretaker who is unwilling to let him go.

Convinced she can find restoration, Katherine will try to bring Trayten back, clinging to the belief that love, like the spring, will unfailingly conquer the coldest of winters.

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Release Date: June 22, 2021
Genre: Historical Romance

A Pink Satin Romance


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