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Rainchecks #2

Raincheck For Caring

by Lois Carroll

Raincheck For Caring by Lois Carroll Torie Bond, the owner of a costume and tuxedo rental store in Tucson, Arizona, can't shake the feeling that she has to rush to her shop one morning. In her rush, she saves an injured puppy that she finds in the road to town. Caring for the puppy leads her into a mystery involving a puppy farm where dogs are kept in close quarters and made to produce as many puppies as possible for income. Wanting to rid Tucson of the illegal business, her curiosity leads her to being kidnapped by the felons. She has no choice but to do what they ask. Her only hope is that her unofficial-fiancé Jack Brewer, a Tucson police lieutenant, will get her secreted messages and rescue her.


Release Date: Spring 2021
Genre: Romantic Suspense

A White Satin Romance


Coming Soon!



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