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Too Much of Everything is Never Enough

by M. H. Randle

Too Much of Everything is Never Enough

Too Much of Everything is Never Enough follows the story of friends Lisa and Kiki who have known each other since they were small. Although close in many ways, when it comes to love they are very different indeed.

While Kiki is besotted with her manipulative boyfriend Tony, and believes that love and sex are closely linked, Lisa is busy having wild sex with two different men, Derek and Malik, with no plans to settle down at all.

But when their ideals change, and betrayal rears its head, the two women’s friendship is tested to the limit and it looks like it may never be the same again.


Release Date: May 19, 2020
Genre: Contemporary | Erotic Romance

Red Satin Romance


Chapter One
- Lisa -


Aren’t two dicks always better than one? What woman would not want that big black nine-and-a-half-inch dick with that perfect curve angled to hit that hot spot every time? The one where he has to give his big pretty piece of chocolate to you little by little, until he gets that pussy just right to accept all of it. Then once he has it just right, he places his hands on your ass and uses his thumbs to spread your ass cheeks, opening that pussy up to take all of the sweetest chocolate bar your pussy could ever taste. Yes, taste! The shit is so good it has all of your senses going into overdrive.

Then we have that other dick that fits you perfectly. It is just the right size to slide right into the pussy without much effort. The perfect size dick is the one that you feel like you can ride all day long as he wraps his big strong hands around your waist and lets you ride and take full control of just how and when it hits your hot spot. That perfect dick is built for all-nighters because it keeps the pussy dripping wet, and your pussy never gets tired of being catered to.

See…that is where my dilemma comes into play. I have them both, and I would not trade either of them for anything in the world. I have Malik, who is, as my mama used to say, “Fine as wine.” He is six foot five with some of the waviest hair that’s the color of coal. His body is perfectly chiseled, from his massive chest to his rippled stomach and the roundest, tightest ass you could ever imagine. My baby’s body would make you want to cover that statue of Adonis up. Oh, did I mention that he is the color of caramel and tastes just as sweet?

Malik just started his own sports agency in the Chicago area, so his job actually has him traveling a lot. So I guess the biggest problem there is that I can’t just pick up the phone and say, “Hey, let’s hang out,” because who knows where he might be? Now, don’t get me wrong; he is always asking me to go on these trips with him. But since I own and operate one of the hottest hair salons in The Rock, I can’t just up and leave my clients and shop at the drop of a hat.

Then I have Derek who is the most caring, sensitive man you could ever hope to have. Derek is a police detective here in The Rock, but even with his crazy schedule, he always makes time for me. He is a little shorter than Malik, standing at six foot even. His skin is the color of coffee that has just the right amount of cream in it. He has the most amazing hazel-green eyes. The first time I met him, he came into the shop to get a manicure, and when I looked up and saw him walk in the door, he looked up at me and flashed some of the whitest teeth, those gorgeous eyes, and a pair of dimples so deep you could swim in them. I had to check myself because old boy had me wet as hell without even saying a word.

* * *

It is about 5:00 p.m. and I am just finishing up with my last client when I get a text from my girl Kiki. I finish adding the last touches to my client and send her up front to take care of her bill with the receptionist. When I check my phone, I see that my girl has texted me 811, which is part of our code. The sense of urgency goes from 611 up to 911. We also use 411 if there is some really important information that one of us needs to know as soon as possible. So the fact that she is texting 811 means it is an emergency and her life is in jeopardy. The only thing is most things are an emergency with Kiki. I love my girl like Reese’s loves its pieces, but she can be a little overly dramatic. Since I am not sure if it is truly urgent or not, I figure it will be best for me to go back into my office so I can have some privacy.

I sit down at my desk and press the speed dial button programmed for her cell. “Hey, Kiki, I just finished with my last client and I got your text. Is everything OK?”

After taking a breath so deep I think her ass might pass out, she finally says, “Girl, I was just driving past Tony’s and I saw his ex-wife’s car parked in the driveway.”

“What? When did this happen and where are you now?”

“I just passed there when I texted you, and I was so pissed. I was only able to drive up to the corner and park.”

“Well, you need to turn your ass around and go back to his house right now. If you wait and ask him about it later, he will lie his ass off like he always does and tell you some bullshit like her car broke down or that it’s his boy’s car, it just looks like hers. You know how Tony is—that man lies just to lie.”

“Lisa, I’m not like you. I don’t know if I can just walk up to his door like the damn Avon lady, knowing I might find something I know I don’t want to find. What if one of them comes to the door butt-ass naked? Then what do I say? ‘Hey, I was just dropping by to see what was up?’”

“So would you rather just wait it out and call him later? If you wait, this will be yet another time his trifling ass will be able to talk himself out of an obviously fucked-up situation. You know how your boy loves to put on those Oscar-winning performances where he plays the innocent man who is wrongly accused.”

Kiki has always had this weakness for tired ass men and always seems willing to except all of the bullshit they like to dish out. I swear, sometimes it seems like the better they are at dishing it out, the more she sops that shit up like it’s biscuits and gravy. Now, you have to understand, I don’t mean they are spitting some cold-ass game or anything. I mean these dudes are spitting nothing but garbage, and she just loves it. I think because of her rocky childhood she has always had a warped view on what a man is and what true love is. When we were in college, I saw her do some special things to get what she wanted from a man if she cared enough for him no matter who got hurt all in her search for happiness.

“Kiki, you are wasting time. Turn around and go back there now. You have your Bluetooth on, right?”


“Because I will stay on the phone while you go back to his house and check that dirty dog you call yo’ man.”

“OK, but Lisa, I am scared…I know I am about to walk in on something more than I think I can handle. I don’t think I can handle it if I get there and she is up in there chilling on all the shit I helped him pick out for his house. Acting like she is the lady of the house once again.”

“I know, girl, but you know they say that the man upstairs doesn’t put more on your plate than you can handle. If I wasn’t on the other side of town, I would drive up on him with you. Cause you know I got my cross-trainers and Vaseline in the SUV, just for special occasions like this.”

At least that gets a small chuckle out of her. I know she is afraid of what she might find when she gets back to his house, but I also know how tore up she is going to be if she just goes home and decides to confront him with it later.

“Damn, why couldn’t her damn car be gone? What reason can he possibly have for ol’ girl being at his house? What can they be talking about?” Kiki asks this more out of frustration than really looking for an answer.

I can only imagine all the things that are going through her head because a hell of a lot of things are going through mine and none of them have anything to do with my girl walking away happy today.

“Are you sure you can do this? I know I am the one who said you need to finally catch him in the act, but if you don’t think you can do it, you just can’t. You know I ain’t going to be mad at you for knowing your limits of what you can and can’t handle today.”

Kiki sighs as if she is taking the last breath that life will ever give her. “I got this, girl. I know I need to find out once and for all if his ass is as raggedy as I have always felt deep down—he is but I am just too afraid to accept it. OK, what the hell am I so afraid of? I might as well get this over with.”

I barely hear her whispering to herself in a tone that makes one question who she is trying to convince in this silent debate. She’s then wondering out loud, questioning whether she should use the key Tony gave her or if she should ring the bell.

“What’s going on? Why is it so quiet? Where are you?”

Just as I get out my last question, I hear Tony’s voice echoing through Kiki’s Bluetooth.

As if my girl is somehow in the wrong, I hear Tony yell, “Man, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Oh, hell naw, girl, don’t let him play you like that. Kiki, stand your ground. You are not doing anything wrong.”

Just as I say that last thing, my phone goes dead. I press thirteen and hit send to redial Kiki’s cell. The phone went straight to voicemail, so I hang up and try again. The same thing happens, and I leave a message telling her I don’t know what happened to the line, but she needs to call me ASAP.


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