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Regina's Surrender

by Natasha Perry

Regina's Surrender Hunter Monroe needs a smart woman who can defend herself. The only woman he knows to meet the criteria is his former cop partner, Regina Arrigoni. She saved his life, so he knows he can count on her. She’s fit, strong and wily, but can she be feminine, soft and a submissive wife to him, requirements for the job infiltrating The House of Christian Love to retrieve his quarry?

Regina’s a cop, She is strong, smart, independent, and able to defend herself. When her former partner, Hunter Monroe, now a P.I., asks if she can work a job with him as his submissive wife, she has her doubts, for the first time in her life, of being able to successfully complete a job. But Hunter knows she’s the world’s worst money manager and makes her an offer she can’t refuse—if she partners him in the job he’ll pay off her credit cards, which are way out of hand. Also, her chief wants her to take the job with him and offers her a promotion from beat cop to detective once the job is completed to Hunter’s satisfaction. So what’s not to like about being debt free and a promotion?

But Regina worries about acting the part of a submissive wife to Hunter’s dominant husband role. Can she play a part that is so foreign to her and be believable?

Release Date: Spring 2021
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

A Red Satin Romance


Coming Soon


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