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Sarah L. Parker

Sarah L. Parker is an experienced erotic fiction writer. Her personal experiences inspired her to want to rekindle the flames of desire within other women and so she began writing erotic fiction for the enjoyment of other women. Sarah focuses on contemporary, fun and light erotic fiction. She began by writing her first erotic fiction book based on her own travels to Hawaii and then wrote a book about romance in a hospital. She is working on multiple books published in the same style. She has published in other genres.

In her free time, Sarah also enjoys gardening, walking, going to the gym, traveling and of course, reading and writing erotic fiction. Through writing erotic fiction, Sarah wants women to be empowered and proud of their sexual prowess. Be proud to be a woman, be sexually and physically healthy, be happy and you will live a long and fulfilled life.

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"Wading Through the Shallows" by Toni Morrow Wyatt Trouble in the Tropics by Sarah L. Parker