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Trouble in the Tropics

by Sarah L. Parker

Trouble in the Tropics by Sarah L. Parker

Can love be found in paradise?

Lily is given a new lease on life when she wins an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. She unexpectedly reconnects with an old flame while in Hawaii for passionate romps in the tropics. She is indeed in paradise, but things are not always as they seem.

His nickname for her was Trouble, but when his life is in danger and he gets into trouble, will she once again lose her long-lost love?






Release Date: April 24, 2018
Genre: Contemporary | Romance | Novella

~ A Red Satin Romance ~


Chapter One

She didn’t want to go. She told people it was because she was too busy with work, but really, she didn’t want to go because she didn’t want to go alone. Who went on a vacation by themselves? Not her, that was for sure. Vacations were designed for couples—a king-sized bed, a clause that stated no children allowed, and couples massages. Thoughts of walking into a resort dining room to a table set for two with everyone’s eyes on her were enough for her to break into a cold sweat. She liked the comfort of her daily routine and she didn’t have the strength for adventure. She was too shy to have all eyes on her. She would have been amazed to know that in a few days she would find herself dancing on a stage in front of an audience in a tropical paradise.

When she got a phone call early one morning, she answered with concern.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Lily.” Her friend Alicia was on the line.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Nothing’s the matter. In fact, something really good happened,” Alicia responded.

“Oh yeah?” she asked, still wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“You know how you always do so much for other people? Like your volunteer work, and how you started that program to help troubled teens at school?”

“Umm, yeah,” Lily responded as she sat up.

“And I also know you’ve had a really difficult divorce.” She paused. “I always say you’re overdue for some good karma benefits. Well, there was this contest running and you won!”


“The contest asked for nominations for someone who really deserves a break—a vacation—a chance to let loose and have some fun. Lily, you won!”

“Congratulations Lily!” chimed in a low, resonant third voice. “This is 62.1 Jump Start FM and you’ve won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii!”

“Is this a joke?” Lily asked.

The radio station voice said, “This is no joke, Lily! You’re live on the air and we’re letting all of New Jersey know that you’ve won a vacation.” He cleared his throat, giving it time to register. “Your friend nominated you and we picked you!”

“You picked me?” she asked.

“Yes, Lily, you deserve a vacation,” he said.

Lily tried to wrap her head around the conversation, but it was happening too fast. There wasn’t any time to process the situation. Fear was beginning to grip her. Everything around her was comfortable. It was always the same. She didn’t want to shake up her routine but now it seemed as if she was being forced out of her comfort zone.

The radio host stepped in, as they didn’t like dead air. “Did we lose you?”

“No, I’m still here,” she said as she held in a sigh. “Thank you so much. Thank you, Alicia.”

“You’re welcome,” Alicia said as her voice filled with emotion.

“That’s what we do at 62.1 FM! We bring holiday cheer and happiness to all our listeners!” A chime sounded. “Well, that chime indicates it’s time for traffic. Congratulations, Lily, and now let’s hear from Dave, who’s our resident eagle eye up in the chopper with your report from the roads …”

Later that morning when Lily saw Alicia at work, Lily told her she appreciated what she had done, but there was no way she was going on that vacation.

“Oh yes you are!” said Alicia. “When’s the last time you were on a really great holiday? It’s been so long I don’t even remember!”

“I went for that weekend away six months ago,” she said sheepishly.

“A weekend away doesn’t count! I’m talking about a real vacation, Lily. Besides, you won. Your name is already on the ticket.”

“I’m too busy at work.”

“You’re a teacher, Lily. We get a two-week holiday at Christmas!”

She bit down on her lip and played with her coffee cup.

“What is it, Lily?” Alicia asked with concern in her voice.

“Will you come with me?”

“I wish I could, but I’ve got a family, kids, and I can’t just up and leave at the last minute. Steve would kill me if I left him alone with the kids for two weeks,” she laughed.

Lily looked down at her nearly empty coffee cup and gave the sugar stuck to the bottom a stir.

“I just don’t want to go alone,” Lily said. “I feel like I’m always alone and I don’t want my aloneness to be on public display for everyone to gawk at and whisper about.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Alicia laughed. “Do you know how many people take a vacation by themselves? Probably millions. It will be a great way for you to kick off the New Year. You’ll be in a tropical paradise where no one knows you, having exciting new adventures and trying new things.”

“I like having every day be just like the last. I’m comfortable in my routine. Besides, who do I kiss at midnight?” asked Lily.

“Well that brings up a good point,” Alicia said. “Who knows what tall, dark and handsome stranger you’ll meet on this trip?”

“It would be nice to meet someone.”

“There you go. Who says you have to be alone?”

Just then the principal walked into the lunchroom. “What are you two ladies cavorting about?” he asked as he grabbed a coffee.

“Oh nothing, Greg. Just discussing our holidays,” Lily said with a wink to Alicia.

“Yeah, it will be nice to have some time to catch up on work!” he said on his way out.

“That, or go to a tropical paradise like some lucky people around here,” Alicia called after him as they looked over the itinerary. Alicia bubbled with excitement at each turn of the page, Lily felt the worry creep back in. When Alicia looked at her, she gave her a smile, which she hoped didn’t betray the uneasiness she was feeling. Alicia wanted this so badly for her. The least she could do was smile.


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