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The Runaway Witch's Kiss

by Tamela Miles

The Runaway Witch's Kiss by Tamela Miles

Delilah McDade has born the brunt of responsibility of her younger brother, Declan's wild lifestyle for years, until the night she learns it's come back to bite both of them in the form of vampire Ash Lockler.

Delilah has a prim exterior, but she dreams of hot vampires and other nocturnal creatures to give her a break from her life that, while satisfying, is lonely. Ash is tempting but she knows that she could never be a part of his life lived in the shadows.

Ash Lockler lives his undead life as part of the seedy underworld with a stone cold heart. That doesn't stop him from helping damsel-in-distress, Delilah, but he's intent on keeping things all business and ending their association as soon as possible. The problem is that he can't seem to get his body - and heart - to agree with his reasoning when he and Delilah are thrown together in a deadly situation that may get her killed and cost him his freedom.


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Release Date: September 29, 2020
Genre: Paranormal | Witches | Romance

~ A Red Satin Romance ~


Chapter One

Nahla sat in the tub of warm water, focusing on the painted happy faces on both of her big toes poking out above the bubbles. They were a big lie. She wasn’t happy at all, more like deeply dissatisfied at the direction her life had suddenly and drastically taken. She reached for the bottle of fragrant body wash, wincing at the pain in her arm. She rubbed the ugly bruises already forming, grimacing.

Tonight, Sebastian had finally done what she had feared he would do for months. He had dared to put his hands on her during an argument. It hadn’t been about money, like normal couples, even though he was prone to lavish spending. She figured, since it was mostly his money to spend, to keep silent on the subject. The bills were always paid on time so she had little to be concerned about. No, this argument stemmed from the root of their problems—his possessive and jealous nature. Her simple decision to have a coffee and catch up with an old friend had set him off in a way she had never seen.

This has been building up for a long time, she reasoned with herself. Tonight’s argument turning physical should have been no surprise, yet Sebastian’s volatile response had still caught her off guard. She rubbed her face with the washcloth, wiping away tear stains. What could happen next? Would he actually strike her? A big part of her said to get out now before she found out the answer. But, I love him… Another part of her spoke the truth and it stung. She was also deeply invested in their relationship, having given up most aspects of her busy life to build a future with him. Her mind swirled in confusion. If only there was some way she could reassure him and finally put to bed all of his insecurities about her love and loyalty.

Her phone pinged on the bathroom countertop, but she made no move to check it. A moment later, she heard footsteps in her bedroom, right outside the bathroom. The door slowly creaked open and Sebastian came in. “Leave me alone.” Her voice cracked with suppressed hurt and anger.

He tousled his blond hair with a quick hand and offered her one of his usual charming smiles. So, his mood had apparently improved and now he expected all to be forgiven. “I see you’re still mad about me being a bit overprotective.”

Her tone was tight. “No. I’m pissed because you escalated a simple argument. You grabbed my arms and slammed me back against a wall, Sebastian.”

He waved a hand. “So, I overreacted. I promised you it’ll never happen again. There’s no room in our life together for other men. I told you that from the start. I—

I guess the idea of you spending time, even having a coffee, with someone else pushed all my buttons and I went crazy with jealousy.”

She heaved a deep sigh. “But, there’s no reason to be jealous.”

He strode over to stand above her, stroking her forehead with his fingers. “Look more closely in the mirror, Nahla. I have every reason to be jealous. You’re beautiful. Other men want to own you.”

She batted his fingers away impatiently and met his gaze squarely. ‘If you lay a hand on me again, I’m gone. No explanations, no excuses—I’ll be in the wind.” Her phone pinged again.

“I take it we’re both settling in for the evening.”

She shook her head. “No, I’m going to see my Mom.”

His lips flattened and his gaze went cold. He put his back to her and swiped her phone from the counter. “Not tonight. You’re staying right here. I won’t hurt you again, but I mean what I say. I always come first in this relationship. Your mother can see you some other day.”

Nahla swiftly rose up, stepping out of the tub. She scrambled to catch his arm as he headed out. “No!” The door closed firmly in her face and she heard the grating of the lock from the outside. She tried the handle. Son of a bitch, he had locked her in again.

In her bedroom, she heard him chuckle loudly as he headed down the hallway. She pounded on the door and shouted for long moments. Wrapping her arms around her body, she struggled to stand as the trembling began all through her. He could come back in a few minutes or as long as an hour and, all the while, she had to fight the forceful panic of being trapped. Sinking to the floor, she let the tears drip down her face.




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