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Trousseau Trilogy #2


by Victoria Staat

Distrusting by Victoria Staat

Merrick is a leader and a man of battle. His friend and brother, Cole, is worried about an attack from an old enemy, so he sends Merrick to gather information.

In an attempt to fetch the information, Merrick is terribly injured. A crossbow through the thigh does serious damage. Merrick’s second in command is in a hurry to find safe haven. They came across a farm house where an older woman agrees to care for him. Once there, Merrick finds a young woman, a tough one, determined to get her way to care for him. Her name is Dory. Truth is, he doesn’t trust women. He’s learned many hard lessons about trusting, from women.

Yet, because of the horrible pain he suffered from the crossbow. He has no choice but to let the woman tend to his injury. He’s surprised at how well she takes care of him. She’s awfully attractive too. Merrick even thinks that maybe she could be trusted. However, on the day of Merrick’s departure. He discovers that Dory is betrothed to the very enemy who tried to kill him. His anger explodes. Which causes him to make a decision that will change his life. He takes her home with him.

Release Date: Fall 2021
Genre: Historical Romance



Coming Soon




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