From Florida With Love

Moonlight & Stormy Nights

by Southwest Florida Romance Writers

Jacie Floyd, Kay Callaway & Gladys Gann, Sonja Gunter, Kristine Taylor, Tara September, Victoria Hinshaw, Cheryl Debrone, Kathleen Balota

From Florida With Love: Sunrise & Stormy Skies

A Kiss in the Moonlight by Jacie Floyd
While visiting her grandfather, Colette Eversol encounters a sexy Wildlife Agent on the trail of an International animal smuggling ring. Adam Winters thinks Colette’s grandfather is involved; she disagrees. On a romp from the sultry Everglades to the rarefied air of wealthy Naples, they uncover common ground and an overwhelming attraction while on the hunt for the true smuggling mastermind. Before disaster strikes, an old friend arrives to take a bite out of crime.

Captivate My Heart by Kay Callaway & Gladys Gann
After agreeing to a temporary position with a high-maintenance celebrity, Ariel Woods is whisked from her simple roots to glamourous Naples, Florida. She discovers she may be in for more than she bargained for after an unexpected encounter with the gorgeous gardener next door—who conceals some delicious secrets about his identity. From walking a pampered shih tzu, to managing an array of holiday charity events, the only silver lining is the possibility of finding true love.

Darling, This is for You by Sonja Gunter
A historic Everglades City inn holds many secrets including Tricia Smallwood’s. When the Naples Widow Society arrive, so does her long-ago love. The memories of the past come full circle with a twist proving that steamy nights are the corner stone for lasting relationships.

Faith, Love and Deception by Kristine Taylor
Kindergarten teacher and aspiring artist Stephanie Graham is flattered when not one, but two intriguing admirers vie for her attention. Her poor history with the opposite sex has left her hesitant to trust either one of them. When one of the men turns out to be less than honest, she also has doubts about Kevin, her painting instructor. He becomes more appealing as she learns they share many of the same personal values. When her painting is displayed at an art reception, her choice between the men becomes crystal clear, but can she learn to take a leap of faith to share a life with Kevin?

It Might Be You by Tara September
Serina Spring is trading in her blossoming real estate career in Manhattan and a gay ex-boyfriend to start anew in Naples, Florida. But playing cards with her matchmaking grandmother was not exactly the exciting new life she had in mind. Fortunately, while on the white sandy beaches of Southwest Florida, Serina discovers that all is not what it seems if you just open yourself up to fate. 

Playing For Good by Victoria Hinshaw
Stacy Parsons needs all her talent and focus to nail a permanent position as a cellist in the Naples Philharmonic. But veterinarian Jack Leland threatens her concentration by winning a wager she was certain he would fail. She worries her performances will be spoiled by her fear of an Everglades snake hunt, her penalty for losing the bet. Nevertheless, she finds herself unaccountably attracted to Jack, rattlers or no rattlers. A steamy night under enchanting moonlight seals her destiny.

Surrender Now by Cheryl Debrone
Treasure hunter Samantha Jenkins thought finding the lost money buried in Everglades City from the biggest drug bust on record would be easy. After all, she had her father’s map. However, she didn’t expect her dad’s ex-partner to get in the way. Or to meet a handsome airboat captain that rescued her from the swampy mangroves. They were thrown together by chance, only to find their fates are intertwined. Could he be the only one to help her recover the lost money? Or is it too late for both of them?

Sweet Tooth by Kathleen Balota
A young woman fears she will never find love after an embarrassing rejection on South Beach. Can her Naples’ grandparents help her find that special man?


Release Date: May 1, 2018
Genre: Romance Anthology