Pandora's Passion

by Amy Hahn

Pandora's Passion

Pandora fought through the centuries to win the heart of Prometheus, but he refused to forgive her for past wrongdoings. He adores humankind and gave them the gift of fire. She nearly destroyed mortals when she opened The Box.

After centuries of trying to make amends and gain his forgiveness, Pandora said goodbye. Now he’s back and his sudden appearance on her doorstep awakens deep emotions. They can’t resist each other. They never could.

But the arrival of the infamous Gorgons endangers them and places human hope in jeopardy. They are forced to confront their past amidst the danger of the present and forgive each other, finally tearing down the walls of resistance and surrendering to their immortal love.


Release Date: April 12, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Short Romance (Mythology)



The great Titan Prometheus cared for mankind and shared the secret of fire, angering the mighty Zeus. In revenge, the Greek god chained Prometheus to a rock and ordered an eagle to tear his liver from his body every day for all eternity.

Prometheus’s painful torture was not enough for Zeus. The powerful god struck where Prometheus was most vulnerable: mortals. Zeus created a beautiful woman and commanded her to bring the Titan water and food and to befriend him. She did so most willingly for she didn’t know she was a pawn in Zeus’s scheme. When Prometheus had given his heart, Zeus gifted the woman to Prometheus’s brother.

Her name was Pandora.

Upon marrying Prometheus’s brother, Pandora brought to Earth an intricately carved box with a golden lock. Zeus instructed her not to open it, but Pandora’s curiosity was strong—as Zeus knew.

Pandora opened The Box.

Sorrows, plagues, diseases, and hate spilled forth and infested mankind. Horrified, Pandora slammed the lid before hopelessness—the last horror—escaped.

Prometheus was devastated by the evil unleashed upon his beloved humans. He raged against Zeus; he hated Pandora. When Hercules, at last, stoned down the eagle and rescued Prometheus, the Titan found Pandora and blamed her for releasing so much misery and pain.

Even as the anguished Prometheus railed against her, Pandora never ceased loving him. She begged Zeus for immortality so she’d have forever to make amends with Prometheus. Zeus agreed, but he had one condition: she was to be the keeper of man’s hope for all eternity. Pandora willingly agreed, vowing she’d protect hope and spend a thousand lifetimes keeping hopelessness secure in The Box.

Prometheus couldn’t forgive her. He couldn’t look upon her lovely face without remembering the evils she’d unleashed. Yet, he couldn’t stay away. The attraction was more than physical need or desire. His soul and Pandora’s were eternally entwined. They were fated to waltz through the centuries together in a wicked, heart-wrenching tango of desire and despair because of The Box and its constant threat to mortal beings...


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