Anna Aysgarth

Anna Aysgarth Anna lives in a lovely village in Hampshire England with her own romantic hero, otherwise known as her long-suffering husband and has two grown up children. An, ex-teacher, she has taught many subjects from religion to drama but has always had a passion for history and would love a time machine to experience life in Georgian England, though suspects she would have been one of the maids washing the cups rather than delicately sipping tea from them.

When she’s not thinking about life in the nineteenth century, she enjoys travelling and learning about different customs and cultures, especially the food. Anna also loves to walk in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales which provides much inspiration for her writing. She also plays the piano and it’s her ambition to be able to play well enough so that the cat doesn’t leave the room.

Anna comes from a long tradition of women who love Christmas and enjoys hosting her family every year with lots of food, games and laughter so what better setting for romance.


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