The Ghost and Mrs. Dunn

by Linda White-Francis and Megan Hussey

The Ghost and Mrs. Dunn

Jane Dunn delivers flowers by day and falls asleep during the news at night. When former beau, Travis Godwin, shows up, life becomes far less predictable.


Release Date: May 8, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance



“Well if you’re going to be dead, there are worse places to ‘pass’ the time. Hardee har har.”

The sheer brilliance of a golden sun was a welcome beacon to Rooney Dunn, who literally floated across the tree-lined avenues that distinguished his ethereal paradise.

“Well I guess I wasn’t such a bad dude after all.” He nodded with approval at the lush floral landscape that distinguished the site of his eternal reward; one distinguished by billowing ivory clouds of all sizes and formations, settled between stands of ruby red roses, pearl pink carnations, and tall stately oak trees.

After waving at a winged, haloed angel who shared his stretch of road, Rooney beamed warmly at the sight of a familiar face; one he knew from his childhood but hadn’t seen in years.

Dennis Franklin was a former classmate of his from high school; an amiable gent who nevertheless had the tendency to trip him during flag football games and find endless humor in the act.

“And the old so and so still made it up here, what do you know.” He sniffed, adding with a self-depreciating shrug. “Then again, I did too, so I guess wonders never cease.”

The vision before him bore a stronger likeness to a miracle; before him stood a glimmering pair of tall, shiny gates—luminous portals that seemed to glow with a sheen of sleek pearlesque.

“Those would pretty much be the pearly gates.” He arched a curious eyebrow. “Only why do they have Dennis guarding them and not St. Peter?”

Going forward with a broad smile, Rooney waved a hearty hello to his longtime friend.

“Dennis!” Rooney opened his arms to greet his longtime friend with a warm, affirming hug.

“Rooney!” Drawing back, the handsome, silver-haired Dennis motioned his old friend toward a nearby registration table. “Take a load off, my friend. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you.”

“It seems like a lifetime,” Rooney nodded in agreement.

Soon the two sat at a corner table, reminiscing over two gourmet sundaes that sent happy ‘ice cream chills’ down Rooney’s spine.

“So they do have ice cream sundaes in Heaven.” Rooney smacked his lips heartily then took a long look around his new, downright celestial surroundings. “I was hoping.”

Nodding, Dennis gestured toward the lush banana split—topped off with a round red cherry and copious amount of whipped cream—that sat before him on the table.

“And the coolest part is, up here the sweetest treats on Earth have no calories or fat.” He winked. “That’s part of the whole Eternal Reward thing.”

“Cool!” Rooney met his friend in a celebratory high five. “I have to ask, though. Why are you working this post today, instead of that good ol’ reliable St. Peter?”

Dennis shrugged.

“Pete has a sinus infection today.” He clucked his tongue in empathy. “That’s the breaks when you reside in these high altitudes. And now, my friend, let me ask the same question of you. Just what are you doing here?” Rooney shrugged. “I must say, old chum, that something about you seems different. You seem...”

“Dead?” Rooney arched his eyebrows.

Dennis snapped his fingers. “That’s it!” His eyes grew wide as he considered his words. “Really, Rooney? Are you sure? I mean, I didn’t think we were expecting you up here this soon.”

“I had a heart attack.” His tone was low and melancholy. “I so hated to leave behind my wife and kids. But at least if I had to go, I ended up travelling north, sinus-inducing altitudes and all.”

“Well, welcome home!” Dennis slapped him on the back. “Wait until our good ol’ buddies, Herb and Don, hear that you’ve arrived. We’ll be playin’ baseball and ridin’ around town in T-Birds before you know it. And up here, the T-Birds have real wings!”

Rooney smiled.

“Through the years, I always wondered what it would look like up here. And criminy Dennis, it’s more beautiful than I imagined.” Rooney gestured freely around him. “It’s good to be home to stay. Even so, I miss my Janie. I do have the power to visit her once in a while, but it’s just not the same.”

Dennis clicked his tongue in what seemed to be a gesture of sublime sympathy. “How is Jane, Rooney? She must be devastated.”

Rooney shrugged. “She was, at first.” He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Slowly but surely, though, she’s moving on.”


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