Love Is...?

by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Love Is...? by Barbara Donlon Bradley Love is many things, humorous, romantic, magical. In this variety of tales, Barbara Bradley will take you on a journey from the whimsical to the fantastic and pleasurable side of love.

A Wizard For Hire
Stephanie? A legend? Wizards? For real? When she flees down a corridor and finds herself in another world, Stephanie finds all her beliefs in question.

Crystals & Disappearing Cats
Glenda's name has plagued her forever. Then she inherits a crystal that takes her to another world where witches are real, and she's mistaken for one.

Picture Perfect
Susan's homework assignment was simple. Bring something inanimate to life. Poor Warren. He didn't plan on being captured inside the manikin Susan decided to use.

A Fish Out of Water
Sarah McIntyre's klutziness could get her fired. Her last chance is a dinner function. Did fate or bad luck bring the stranger to her?



Release Date: May 8, 2014
(previously released with Melange Books)


A Wizard for Hire

“Stop glancing at your watch,” Stephanie said. “It isn’t going to make this graduation move any faster.”

Mia jerked her arm behind her and gave her boss a forced smile. “You know how much I hate these things.”

Stephanie patted her on the back. She found attending the graduations of her “students” had started to bore her too, but she did this for the client. “Let them have their night, Mia. It’s only a few hours.”

“So who do you think will be the first one to leave?” Mia snagged a glass of champagne from a waiter’s tray.

“I’d bet money on Bill and his wife. They’re normally the first to arrive and to leave.” Stephanie Powers, CEO of Power Imaging, gave her assistant a smile. “Then you can be second.”

“Boss, if it weren’t for your presence, I bet most would have high-tailed it out of here a while ago.”

Stephanie elbowed Mia as one of their clients approached them. Time to focus. The man coming toward her made her skin crawl, but she smiled and showed her best business face.

“Miss Powers, thank you so much for inviting us here tonight.”

“Mr. Tryst. I’m glad you were able to make it.” He looked the part she created for him, wearing the classic designer suit she had recommended. His hair, cut short and feathered back, looked much better than the greasy ponytail he sported when he approached her to make him over. Yet he still looked, well, slimy.

“I would like you to meet my associate, Mr. Jolly. He’s also interested in hiring you.”

Stephanie wanted to scream and run the other way. She didn’t want to go through the process again with another creepy man. Especially if he was friends with the first one.

“Call the office in the morning, and we’ll see what we can do.” She kept her smile pasted on and excused herself.

Mia was hot on her heels. “Are you crazy?” she whispered. “Mr. Tryst nearly cost us the entire staff.”

“I couldn’t be rude.” Stephanie gave her assistant a sidelong glance. “But you could make sure we’re booked for months.”

“You hoping he will get tired of waiting and go somewhere else?”


“And if he doesn’t?”

“We’ll deal with that tomorrow. Tonight, we smile, tell our graduates they look great, and enjoy the party as best we can.” Stephanie excused herself from Mia. She needed a little time alone.

One of the secluded love seats caught her eye. Far enough away from the rest of her clients, it would give her time to regain the composure she came close to losing a few moments ago.

“Are you sure this will work?”

Stephanie barely heard the voices. Her mind focused on the calming techniques she used, but the voices continued to intrude. She hoped they moved out of earshot quickly so she could try to relax.

“Yes. Miss Powers recreated me, didn’t she?”

She frowned. Drat it, they weren’t leaving, and they were talking about her.

“You do look like a proper businessman.”

Stephanie felt a cold finger of dread snake its way up her spine as she recognized the voices.

“Yet you and I know the truth, eh?”

The other man laughed.

She started to get up, knowing she shouldn’t eavesdrop on someone’s private conversation. Before she could move, the two men moved closer, making it impossible for her to leave without being seen.

“Once we create the illusion of the men we are replacing no one will be wiser. We will infiltrate the right companies and gain what we need.”

“There is a danger.”

“My brother, there is always a danger when dealing with weapons of mass destruction.”

“He will pay us well if we can complete our mission.”

“And we will gain the respect we deserve.”

What had she stumbled onto? Weapons of mass destruction? Who were these guys?

“Mr. Tryst?”

Oh dear. Mia had to be looking for her.


“Have you seen Miss Powers? I saw her heading this way a few moments ago.”

Damn Mia for being so observant. If they knew she had overheard their conversation she might be in trouble.

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