The Vespian Way #1

Dominated By Desire

by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Dominated By Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley Heather can’t believe she is the only person on Earth who can protect Storm, the ambassador from Vespia. It has something to do with pheromone the Vespian male exudes. Although everyone tells her she is immune, she doesn’t agree. There is something about the man that makes her desire skyrocket whenever she is around him.

Storm finds Heather fascinating. Her bright violet eyes that hold a world of emotions in them and spunky attitude draws him to her. He wants her with a depth he never experienced before.

When Heather becomes the focal point of several kidnapping attempts, he realizes she’s going to need his protection more than him needing hers. The closer they get the harder it will be to walk away when the danger passes.

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Release Date: Fall/Winter 2022
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

~ A Red Satin Romance ~

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