Love Has the Best Intentions

by Christine Arness

Fairy Christmas, Darling by Christine Arness

Love can be magically romantic. Love can be all about finding “the one”. Love can sweep you away or cross borders. Love is sometimes unexpected but always welcome. Love is a choice.

Love Has the Best Intentions takes you from an Illinois farm to an orphanage in France, from the divorce court to a puppy training school.

Love can’t be predicted, reasoned or denied. Love can be anticipated, desired and cherished.

Everywhere, every day, love is demonstrated. Love may have unexpected consequences but love always has the best intentions.


Release Date: February 5, 2015


Flutter of Wings


No.” My sister’s voice was firm. “Drag me to the beach without sunblock, use a harsh cleanser on my bathroom sink, or buy me a ticket for a punk rock concert—no matter what the torture, I won’t throw you a party.”

“But, Linda, my apartment isn’t big enough to even play double-handed solitaire! I’ll scrub your kitchen floor and baby-sit for a month—all you have to do is loan me the grill and your backyard.” I am not above groveling for a good cause.

My sister shifted in her chair. In her eighth month of pregnancy, she was somewhat sensitive about references to beached whales. “And,” Linda announced, “I refuse to wear an apron that says ‘Kiss the Cook.’”

“I’ll handle every detail.” I played my trump card. “I need to find a way to get Sam into an unpressured social setting.”

“A man’s involved?” Linda stretched out her legs as if to check whether she could still see her toes. “Where did you meet him?”

“My current night class. Sam and I go out for coffee every Thursday after class.”

My sister sets me up with each eligible man who strays into her orbit, and I could tell she had mixed emotions about my mention of Sam: delight at the prospect of a possible wedding in my future and disappointment that she had nothing to do with it.

But she gave in with a graceful nod. “All right. I’ll loan you the backyard, if you’ll babysit and help clean the house.”

“Thanks.” I blew her a kiss and headed for the door. “Sam and Gail seem perfect for each other.”

“Lori! I thought you and Sam ...”

I’m still waiting on the Lord, Linda.”

“Waiting on the Lord means being sensitive to God’s leading. News flash! When the right man enters your life, don’t expect bells, sirens, whistles, or the Angel Gabriel to appear and say, ‘Hey, here’s the guy for you...’”

“Since God created me, He knows I’m often oblivious to what’s right under my nose, and He’ll have to send a special messenger. Any angel will do if Gabriel’s busy.” I patted Linda’s shoulder and she stuck out her tongue at me. “Anyway, I happened to mention Sam to Gail and she wants to meet him.”

“I didn’t know Gail was such a close friend of yours.”

“She’s an acquaintance, but I can still do her a favor. You’re not the only matchmaker in the family.” I made my escape before she could retract permission for the party.

After our next class, I told Sam that the preparations for Saturday’s barbecue were progressing. “I still need to scour the grill and help clean house. All you have to do is show up and be charming.”

“And you think I’ll like Gail.” His smile seemed somehow lopsided.

“She’s bright, witty, and gorgeous. What’s not to like?”

He stirred his coffee, his expression thoughtful. “Gail sounds perfect. But will she be perfect for me?”

I thought I detected an odd note of reluctance in his voice. I smiled. Sam deserved the best. “You’ll get along like toast and jam.”


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