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Joanne Rawson

Joanne Rawson Joanne Rawson was born and brought up in Derbyshire England. After leaving college in 1984, she headed off to be an au pair in the Loire Valley, France for one year. Returning back, to England, Joanne worked work for Derbyshire Education Authority in special education, and then for Derbyshire Social services working with adults with learning and physical difficulties.

In 2005, Joanne and her husband decided to give up their hectic lifestyle, after ten years of managing branded restaurants around London's M25, now spending her time in England, Goa, and Malaysia, writing romantic novels and short stories.

Blog: authorjoannerawson.blogspot.com

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Zoe North by Joanne Rawson "Coming Home For Christmas" by Joanne Rawson I'm Your Man by Joanne Rawson