Florida Heat

by Jody Vitek

Florida Heat

Scarred by her ordeal, Maggie Carlisle leaves her ex-husband's drug life back in Texas. A man from her past seeks revenge, just as she meets and falls in love with Trent Randall.

Trent Randall, owner of a horse ranch and powerboat driver, loses focus of his life when Maggie shows up. After an accident, he wonders if she's worth the danger. However, his heart leads the way when he finds out she's in trouble.


Release Date: October 22, 2014
(previously released with Melange Books)

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Chapter One

Trent strolled around the counter and closed in on her. Her stomach flipped. His slate eyes had a hint of blue shining through.

Maggie stepped back from his looming figure. He was too close. Her voice quavered. “I’m alone because I want to be...and I’m okay with it.”

“Are you afraid of me, Maggie?” He teased as he moved closer to her body.

“No,” she squeaked and ran out of counter space.

“Why do you avoid me?” He backed her up against the wall, his hands around her waist, trapping her.

“I don’t avoid you.” Not about to show her unease with his close proximity, she mustered a firmer voice. “I’m putting a little space between us.” Quickly she added, “At least I was trying to.” Her face felt warm, and a hot wave swept through her belly.

“Why do you need to put space between us? I’m male, you’re female, and we’re attracted to one another.” He smiled suggestively.

“Speak for yourself.” She strained to say it firmly, only to fail.

Her knees weakened when her eyes made contact with his dark smoldering eyes. She bit her lip and averted her eyes from his. “I think...” Her gaze went back to him. “It’s late, and I need to get to work.”

“I hope you’ll think again about coming to my party,” he whispered as he leaned close into her ear.

Her eyes closed, betraying her, at his slow and delicate delivery of his soft warm lips on hers.


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