Karen Dean Benson

Karen Dean Benson decided to try her hand at writing romantic historical fiction somewhere between diapering her first child and kissing the sixth off to college. The Dominican Nuns in the Detroit, Michigan parochial system attempted to teach her how to diagram a sentence. Armed with this knowledge and her love of Jane Austen and Kathleen Woodiwiss’ memorable tales, she pounded out stories on a Royal Portable typewriter that bounced merrily across the desktop. The lusty voices of children in the background increased her fervor.

After graduating from Northwood University, she spent the next years in the woodlands of Northern Michigan relishing the beauty of the Au Sable River as her family grew. She swapped out the Royal for a thirty-pound Olympic that stayed put when typing.

Karen loves research, history, and tales of convoluted lives. She weaves all this against the backdrop of a by-gone era and tosses in plenty of problems to solve. Her novels involve young women blundering through the social constraints of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

She and husband Charlie divide their time between golf courses in Michigan and Florida.

Website: www.karendeanbenson.com


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