Brenda Hayes #2


by K.P. González

Crossroads' Brenda Hayes, a woman with an ordinary life, encounters extraordinary characters she thought existed only in fairy tales or nightmares. Her world and theirs collide, and she is caught up in the middle of warring paranormal factions that threaten the extinction of humankind. She tries to keep her life normal but her nightmares and visions have her second-guessing what’s real and what’s not. One night she almost gets killed by a mythical creature that had been hired to find and destroy her. In that moment her journey begins.

With the help of Vladimir, a handsome and intriguing man, she begins to discover and understand how dangerous can be the supernatural world. Only Brenda can prevent the disaster, and she pushes herself to channel the powers she discovers are within her. Major errors in judgment, betrayal by trusted friends, and a perilous romance push Brenda into a prophetic role she’d never dreamed possible.



Release Date: July 2, 2019
Genre: Paranormal / Vampire / Fantasy / New Adult Romance



Chapter 1 

Run, just run as fast as you can, through the streets of New York and you’ll be on time, I order myself while avoiding a stroller, a dozen businessmen, and two toddlers screaming and jumping around their parents.

I’m so out of shape. I’ll be sweating like a pig when I get there. My black ponytail swings side to side while I run. I can feel the pain in my muscles already. My thighs about to cramp if I don’t slow down.

I shouldn’t have agreed to have an interview on my lunch break. This is insane. I took a left and kept running. My black heels were in the backpack. I knew this was going to be a challenge, so I had a plan. I will run like an athlete does on TV and won’t be out of breath or have cramps. I will be wearing my sneakers until I reach the corner of the building and then I will change my footwear for the interview. I thought it was going to go smoothly. But I forgot the amount of people walking at this hour on the sidewalks and the tiny detail of me being not used to running like this. This is great, just great. Even though I bought my entire business attire, including the shoes, I forgot I will look nasty if I didn’t have enough time to refresh myself in the restroom. Te heels still had the price tag on them too to add further insult to my plan. Remember to take the price tag of, please don’t forget.

My phone rings, interrupting my thoughts about the new shoes. I knew it was my best friend wanting to talk about her new job. Mia had been babbling about her new position for a week now. That’s why I hadn’t mentioned anything about the interview to her. It would be less stressful keeping it to myself. I had been looking for a new job for months. This was my first interview. That’s why it was so important. Because of that I agreed for the meeting even though it was on my lunch break. My boss was a good guy, he wouldn’t mind if I was a couple of minutes late. Hopefully.

“Hey Mia,” I answered, almost in a whisper. I couldn’t believe her timing. I listened to her excited chatter. Why did I pick up? This makes it harder. I’m nodding, running and not doing my best avoiding the slow walkers.

“Hello B, I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder of tonight’s event.” She sounded excited.

“Of course I’ll go. You know I wouldn’t miss this celebration. It’s a huge step. You are in your dream job, honey,” I replied breathlessly. More chatter. “Oh, great, you met a guy! I imagine he is hot because I know your taste in men.” Damn stop light. Come on change.

“Brenda, he is so hot. He oozes sexuality.”

How Mia changed subjects so quickly was impressive, but I was accustomed to it. In fact, it was rare that Mia didn’t include a sexy male in all her conversations. She was carefree, and guys were attracted to her as bees were to honey. Besides, she was gorgeous.

My life is so different compared to Mia’s, I thought while my friend continued rambling. I’ve had the same job for more than three years. My life is a constant routine—boring.

I could feel the sweat sliding to my lower back. My ponytail was behaving but between the sweat and the backpack my clothes would be a mess. If my job didn’t suck so much, I wouldn’t be in this predicament.

“Oh, excuse me, sir.” I extended my arms as I hold on to a stranger to keep my balance. He looks at me annoyed. I don’t stay a second longer because I’m in a hurry.

“Brenda are you listening?”

“Yes...of course, sweetie.” To party late on a weekday then have to wake up early the next day was a pain. I’m getting old.

“Okay then, see you there at 10:00 p.m.”

“Sure...” I rolled my eyes, jogging to cross to the other side of the street. Almost there, just two blocks left. I smiled, feeling my small triumph. To know I was near gave me hope that everything somehow would work out.

“I have to go Mia, bye.” I hang up quickly, not giving my friend time to say goodbye. It was late, and I needed to hurry and mentally prepare for why I deserved this position. Don’t forget to take the price tag off, restroom—use blot sheets, be confident, you got this. I’m the best for this position because... Suddenly, a loud screeching sound made me stop. What is that? I looked sidewaysthen all is pitch black.

* * *

Beep beep beep beep...

I hear the noise, but in lapses.

Beep beep beep…

I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy.

Beep beep...

I tried again to open them, only to see I was surrounded by darkness. I blinked a couple of times, hoping it would help me to see more clearly.

Oh my god, Oh my god, my god... I can’t move my body.

The lack of light was the least of my concerns. I couldn’t move, despite making an immense effort. Numb. I couldn’t feel anything. Don’t panic, don’t do that. Stay calm and breath.

I tried to scan the area to see if I could find a glimpse of something familiar or any hints as to my whereabouts. Scrambled thoughts tumbled through my mind.


Ok, everything is going to be alright, I thought, trying to calm down. What is that freaking buzzing noise? My thoughts kept screaming at me, circling and demanding attention. You need to move!

Suddenly a tiny white light appeared far away. I was laying on the floor and still could not move my body, apparently, I could only move my head side to side. The light was so diminutive it looked like a star. I narrowed my eyes to focus on the light.


Am I dead? How? It’s not possible…is it? Questioning my sanity, I tried to recall where I had been prior to this situation.

The last thing I remember was talking to Mia on the phone while I was running to an interview on my lunch break. Mia had called to make sure I was going to join her to celebrate her new job at a big public relations agency.

Or so Mia said; I really don’t know much about public relations or advertising. I’ve not been feeling well. I can’t think precisely why though I’ve felt so uneasy lately, and nervous. My lack of sleep hasn’t been helping, either. I don’t have the energy or the desire to go partying. But Mia is my best friend...

And then I had told Mia, “Of course I’ll go.”

Mia had started talking about a guy she’d met in the office. She was so excited… “He is so hot.” I remember her saying.

The voices in my head continued to scramble my memories.

I was jogging across the street... Did I get to the sidewalk? I can’t remember. I was thinking about my interview, the things to do before the meeting...but also how dumb it is to celebrate so late on a weekday. It makes the next day a pain to get up to go to work

I’m only twenty-two. I can handle missing a bit of sleep, I argue to myself.

Another thought breaks in: Besides you aren’t sleeping well anyway. If you’re going to toss and turn every five seconds then you might as well be doing that in a crowded place with incredibly loud music, my inner voice spits at me followed by a screech.

The...that loud noise! That’s it. That’s the last thing I remember...

But I still can’t move. Maybe if I yell really loud, someone will come or...

Wait...that annoying sound stopped.

Trying to shake my legs, I noticed the light growing brighter and bigger. I wasn’t sure if the light was moving or if I was moving, I couldn’t tell for sure. This must be a dream, or maybe a nightmare, because I still can’t move.

“Wake up...” I groaned. “Wake up, Brenda!” I yelled out loud, but nothing happens. Not a sound or echo, it was an inexplicable emptiness. I was about to lose it and start crying. I close my eyes. Don’t worry I will figure it out. I will—

Suddenly I felt warm, and when I opened my eyes again, the light was everywhere and so bright it was impossible to see anything. What is this? First pitch black and now, ugh! This is hopeless.

I feel a knot form in my throat. I was close to tears but then I heard a voice, like a whisper.

“Miss...” Someone was grabbing and shaking my shoulders. “Please help!” a woman yelled, her voice muffled as a horrible pain spread through my body, but it was the worst in my head.

“What happened?” a male voice asked sounding close by.

“I don’t know for sure,” answered the female voice. “She was running to get to the other side of the road, but there was a motorcycle close to her. It happened so fast. I’m not sure if he hit her and took off or if she just collapsed.”

“Well the ambulance is here. They’ll take care of her now.”



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