Maxzell Lerm

Maya Hunter Maxzell Lerm was born with her identical twin sister in Bloemfontein, central South Africa and has lived in Hermanus a small coastal village on the coast of Africa for the past 12 years. Due to health complications, Maxzell postponed her dream to study law but it was here amidst her most troubling times that she discovered her salvation—her love for writing.

Maxzell's first novel Nevrhada-Unveiling Secrets was inspired by her poor health and she created a vivid fantasy world to escape reality. Shortly after recovering she followed a diverse path, became involved with several publications as a free-lance writer as well as the Child-Welfare organization, an institute close to her heart.

For a period Maxzell became involved in modeling, travelling all over such as from Paris to China. She ended her escapades on a compassionate note as a runner up in Miss Earth South Africa, which allowed her to be involved with numerous charities.

On a daily bases Maxzell juggled her love for writing, her full time employment as an assistant hotel manager and her studies via UNISA. She has completed her degree in BA Language and Literature (specializing in creative writing) early 2014. For the past several years she has written for several publications. At first it started with one magazine, and inspired by her interaction with people in the hospitality industry and her community she branched out to more publications including newspaper editorials.

Regarding her work, the editor of Splash magazine quotes, ‘An exceptional writer, with remarkable talent’ in her reference letter and the ‘Whale Talk’ magazine, ‘has a way with words that captivates you’. She has also completed a South African Fiction novel, based on true fact about the horrific events involving refugees fleeing over the South African bordered. As well as written an illustrated a series of five childrens books. This is due for publication SA 2018.

When Maxzell is not writing lost in her fictional characters, she happily spends time with her supportive family. To keep happy and healthy Maxzell recommends Pilates and as much laughter as possible.


A Promise in the Moonlight by Maxzell Lerm