To Wed a Prince

by Megan Hussey

To Wed a Prince Professor Juditha Collins found a real-life medieval prince who burst into her life from the pages of a magical book. A year later, the passion she shares with gorgeous Prince Valentin still runs hot, but at this year's fair, her students plan the ultimate Renaissance surprise.

To Wed a Prince is the sequel to Prince of Dreams.


Release Date: May 8, 2014
Genre: Fantasy - Short

~ A Pink Satin Romance ~


The ebullient rays of the Florida sun shone with both warmth and brilliance on a heather-strewn field, raining its beams across a group of young ladies who—in their varied finery of silk and velvet, lace, and the finest satin—looked akin to a mystical fairy band in all its golden glory.

They had to go and spoil the scene by opening their mouths.

A history teacher at Jennings Community College, Juditha Collins, also supervised the school's annual Renaissance Fair. And while she was more than pleased by the picture her students presented at their first dress rehearsal this term—indeed, their flowing gowns of scarlet, gold, lavender, lilac, and deep forest green both dazzled and impressed her—their words failed to project the tender chivalry one would expect from ladies of the court.

“Ms. Collins, this whole thing sucks!”

Juditha cringed at the shrill tones of Holly Hawthorne, her resident princess for four years running at the Jennings Renaissance Fair.

A golden-haired lass of ethereal beauty, Holly resembled the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

And sounds like a royal pain in the arse. Juditha gritted her teeth, adding aloud, “In your esteemed estimation, Holly, what exactly ‘sucks’ about this year's fair?” She shrugged. “Do your slippers still pinch your toes, as per our annual festival tradition?”

Holly shook her head. “No, my costume is perfect.” She gestured down the length of her festival gown, a work of fine lilac silk with glittering lavender accents. “It's you I'm concerned about, Ms. Collins.”

“Me?” Juditha frowned, conducting a quick assessment of her own attire: a decidedly individual ensemble that consisted of a royal red tunic, circa the Middle Ages, a pair of tattered blue jeans, circa a rather unfortunate 1989 retro hippie phase and two mismatched sneakers. “Um, yeah, me. Good point.”

Drawing a sustaining breath, she fixed her silent group of students with an apologetic smile. “As you know, ladies, my life has gotten a lot more complicated in the past year or so.” She folded her hands before her. “I've met a wonderful man who enjoys making me a little late for our classes once in a while... and more than a little distracted at times.” She shrugged. “Even so, you must admit that my guy Valentin makes a great addition to our Renaissance study unit at Jennings. He has become a resident lecturer in our studies department. And he puts on some great jousting and riding demos at our festival each year.”

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