Ghosts of Past Loves

by Nell DuVall

Nell DuVall

Love for their surviving spouses hold two spirits captive. Without corporeal bodies, how can phantoms influence their former spouses to live a full life and to love again?

Vic’s beloved wife Angie dies leaving him bereft and lost. Convinced he could never find another woman to love, he tries to drown his sorrows, but after six months, still heartbroken, he throws himself into his work.

Susan’s husband Jeff dies in a tragic car accident. His one regret is leaving her alone. She’s a survivor, but he knows she needs someone to love. Alone, she focuses on work and erasing all traces of Jeff.

Meanwhile, the spirits try to push Vic and Susan together, but it’s a difficult task when ghosts have no body or voice.



Release Date: October 24, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pink Satin Romance



Vic and Angie


Vic sat by the bedside and watched the pale figure in the bed. The skin was almost as white as the pristine bedding. Sighing, he reached for one bloodless hand and held it in both of his.

“Angie, Angie. I love you more than life itself. Without you, I have nothing.” Salty tears trailed down his cheeks.

Angie stirred and parted her dry lips as if to speak. He leaned closer.

“ you,” came from dry lips. “Al...ways.” A shudder shook her body as a last breath escaped.

The scent of Angie’s favorite lavender perfume filled the air. A cold breeze suddenly chilled Vic. His tears flowed unchecked. They mourned the past, the present, and the lonely future he now faced.

* * *

Vic had first met Angie at a community Christmas celebration. Lots of families with young children attended. He’d come on a whim as part of public relations for his small business. He tried to get into the holiday mood as carols competed with the children’s squeals and oohs and aahs. He saw a few customers and greeted them warmly. Word-of-mouth and recommendations helped grow his business.

Angie was helping at the refreshment table. He noticed her warm smile and the way she approached the children. She looked like she was enjoying herself. Then she smiled at him. He stood stock-still, unable to move. Her face glowed and made others smile in return, including him.

When she neared him, she held out her basket of cookies. “Have one. They’re from a local bakery.”

He returned her smile and took one, a Christmas tree with red ornaments. “Thanks. Lots of families here.”

“Yeah, it’s like this every year. We get quite a turnout. Of course, Santa helps.” She nodded toward the corner of the large room where a line of children snaked toward Santa on his throne.

Vic found himself enchanted by her smile, her manner, and her buoyant personality. Something indefinable about her fascinated him. He spent too much time engrossed in his work and had no social life to speak of. Until now, he hadn’t missed it.

“I’m Angie Waltham.” She held out her hand.

“Uh, Vic. Vic Carter.” An awkward silence followed. “I’m... I’m a carpenter.” Social graces eluded him.

“Sounds interesting.” She tilted her head to one side. “What kind of carpentry? Are you in construction?”

He laughed at her guess. “No, I make furniture to order, some art pieces, whatever the customers want.”

“An artist. Nice. I’d like to see some of your work. I’m looking for something different as a gift for my mother.”

“Really? Uh, stop by my shop anytime.” He pulled out a business card and handed it to her. His gaze lingered on her as she continued to distribute cookies to the growing crowd.

The next day Angie stopped by his shop and bought a walnut box for her mother. He managed to ask her to join him for dinner and she agreed. Next, they celebrated New Year’s Eve together. Before the tulips bloomed, he asked her to marry him.

At first, she said no and explained the fifteen-year difference in their ages made having a family unlikely and that he would be better off with a younger woman. He brushed that aside and they continued to date. On her birthday, he handed her an exquisitely carved box with a peacock as the central motif. When she opened it, she stared at him open-mouthed.

“Vic, this is beautiful, but...”

He kissed her and savored her soft lips. “I love you, Angie. Nothing else matters.”

It took him another six months to convince her, and they had married in late September.

Now she was gone.

* * *

Angie sensed the time had come and could no longer be delayed. One moment she was part of the tableau, then something severed her connection and forced her back from the man she loved, and now this shadow hovered. It stood caught between two worlds. The unseen shadowy form hovered near the man. It stretched out a limb to wipe his tears, but it had no substance, no flesh. Instead, a soft breeze like a whispered breath fanned his cheek.

A distortion in the air, a mere haze. Not her and yet the ethereal mist was filled with all their shared memories. She wanted to comfort Vic. To hug him and tell him that dying wasn’t so bad, yet she had no voice. She no longer had a physical body. Now she was nothing but a dim shadow yearning to console him.


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