The Luna Chronicle #1


by S. C. Dane

Luna Beth was raised as a responsible member of human society. Then she meets Alec, a mysterious stranger, who knows by her scent that she is a rare Luna, the only being who can ensure the future of his wolf-pack. When human beings injure Alec, Beth retreats from the stagnant safety of her human world and surrenders her fate to the wolf-man.

Beth's and Alec's love for one another ignites the power of the Luna that courses through her veins, and she must learn the laws of being wild wolf if she is to live with Alec and his pack. But they are not the only wolf-people who covet the blood of Luna, and she must learn to harness the consuming power of her Luna and use it to safeguard her new family, even if it means giving up the very thing she was born to protect. Set in the countryside of Maine, this novel unfolds as Beth surrenders her body to its absolute essence while she is protected by the loyal wolves she is destined to love. But their world is not only precious, it is also perilous, and her freshened passion for life just may be the catalyst for her death.

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Release Date: March 10, 2013
Genre: Paranormal | Werewolves

~ A Pink Satin Romance ~




~ Found ~


I shouldn’t have been thinking I saw a wolf.

Not in Downeast, Maine. The area is famous for lobster boats and granite coastlines; not its wildlife, unless you’re scouting for Atlantic puffins and sea ducks. It’s not the hotbed of wolf sightings and has never been wolf territory, not even when the Pasamaquady people populated the shores.

Why, then, did I spot a large wolf-like animal while I was hiking out on the Great Heath that edges the inland border of my tiny coastal town? I followed the creature’s paw prints without losing a single step, until that trail ended with a naked man standing within a thicket of alders, trying modestly to cover his lower half.

He was tall, and muscular; his hands clutching at the silver stem of an alder were beautiful. Long and oddly elegant compared to the rest of his scarred body. His chest heaved, as though he’d been running, and I swore I saw his heart pounding—it matched my own.

“What the... What are you doing out here?” I lashed out at him with my tongue hoping to scare the man off before he attacked me, or worse, raped me. Who knew what a naked stranger could do in the middle of the woods. He cocked his head as if my words made no sense to him.

“This is private property and you’re trespassing.” It wasn’t, but he didn’t need to know that.

The man tilted his head again, and gazed at me with golden eyes; then crouched down as if to pick something up off the ground. As soon as his fingers touched the earth, he thrust himself backward into the alder thicket where he was hidden by the swaying branches. Yet, it was the wolf I’d been tracking that dashed out of that thicket, not the naked man.

“Holy crap.” My feet rooted to the ground and wouldn’t move until the animal was long out of sight. My shaking hand went to my throat as I pushed my way into the alders for a closer look. I was being extremely stupid; I hadn’t seen the man leave and he could’ve still been lingering.

Yet, I knew in my racing blood that the naked man wouldn’t be anywhere around. Somehow, some improbable way, he was with the wolf. 

I chased them until the tracks of the wolf disappeared into the mosses of the heath, knowing even before then I’d never catch up with them. I was a good runner, but no way could I have matched the speed of that wolf.

And the man? Not a trace, no matter how hard I scanned the area. I turned tail for home, telling myself I’d imagined the whole thing, that the sight of a man and a wolf together, especially in downeast Maine, was too bizarre for reality.

Wasn’t it?



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