Stephanie Schwartz

Midwife-turned-author, Stephanie Schwartz seems to swim seamlessly through cultures, religions, superstitions, raw fear and ecstasy to the first breath of a new baby. She knows how birth works and invites her readers to join her, taking us on a tour to the innermost workings of another world while giving us a rare, intimate glimpse into her daily life. She has five children scattered around the world, grandchildren, and over a thousand babies she calls her own. After writing three books on birth, and then retiring as a midwife, she realized she had most likely been in more Amish bedrooms—as a midwife—than most other authors of Amish romance novels and began researching the genre. Thanks to the Pandemic she was able to produce the novels in the Amish Nurse Series.


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The Amish Veronica Series

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The Amish Veronica Series
Wherever You Go, There You Are by Stephanie Schwartz

The Amish Nurse Series
"Worry Ends Where Faith Begins" by Stephanie Schwartz Time Will Tell by Stephanie Schwartz Playing on the Outhouse Roof by Stephanie Schwartz The Pearl of Great Price by Stephanie Schwartz