Make Me Behave 2

by Tara Fox Hall

Make Me Behave 2

Eight spanking-new tales of domestic discipline to whet your ardor... and bring out the submissive within. Join professionals and novices experiencing their first forays into the dance of dom and sub in this sequel to Make Me Behave.

Lara’s boyfriend Mac has schooled her well in being a submissive to his dominant. But he has a seventh lesson to teach her in overcoming her fear of heights in the seclusion of a forest treehouse.

Katrina always resisted the temptation offered by her best friend Blair, until a weekend getaway with friends lands her smack in the middle of an adult game of Chase. Caught by not only Blair but “almost” lover Terian, Katrina decides to stop running…and embrace forbidden desires.

Jessica thought sex with Core was wonderful, just one of the many great attributes she was looking for in a husband. But on their wedding night, Core introduces her to what he really expects of a wife: submission in all ways, including to his half-brother, Cain.

Looking for real-life inspiration for her tales of erotica, Mistress Ava challenges her courtesan coworker Crixus to a duel of seduction.

Mrs. Mauve Reynolds is a school secretary by day, but on weekends she gives private sessions in seduction as the professional dominatrix Vixen. When a chance encounter reveals her close friend Camilla is also a teacher of kink, the two women decide to unite for a night of shared pleasure, with a little help from dominatrix Sin.

A trip to the local store for baking supplies turns racy, when John the dominant invites himself to the freshly single Karen’s home for a taste of some hot, sweet buns.

When recent widow Desiree refuses to take alpha vampire Devlin’s no for an answer, he enlists his descendent Cain to teach the aggressive female a few lessons in manners. But Cain needs a lesson as well in behavior, and Desiree is just the woman to educate him…with a little help from Devlin.

Beleaguered erotica author Tracy is trying to balance both her ailing father’s and her newly adult daughter’s needs, leaving little time for herself. When fellow erotica author Robert begins drawing her into real “research” for her sex tales, Tracy discovers a new side of herself, even as she wonders if Robert’s interest in her is more than professional. Complicating matters is Tracy’s neighbor Matt, a solid and sexy shoulder to lean on who is more than eager to join Tracy in a little personal experimentation with her newly acquired knowledge. On the road to discovery, Tracy must not only choose which man she wants in her bed, but also the woman she wants to become.


Release Date: November 27, 2018
Genre: BDSM - Erotica

~ A Red Satin Romance ~


From "Seven Steps"

“How much farther?” Lara called with a slight wheeze, pausing on the dirt path. She wiped the cuff of her rolled up sleeves over her sweaty brow and shifted her daypack slightly.

“Another half-mile,” her boyfriend Mac answered with a smirk, looking over his shoulder. “Do you need a break?”

Lara straightened, all thoughts of resting wiped from her mind by her annoyance. She returned his smirk. “No, do you?”

“Always have to make a contest out of everything,” Mac teased her. “You’re supposed to be having fun and relaxing, Lara. Fresh air, exercise, and each other. That’s why we came here to the wilderness instead of going to some faraway destination for our vacation.”

Lara sauntered up to him, slipping her arms around his moist neck and giving him her best bedroom eyes. “This is just the first day, Mac. We’ve got all the time in the world. Just me,” she kissed his nose, “and you.” She lowered her lips to touch his teasingly.

Mac pulled her close, his mouth devouring hers as he molded her sweaty body to his, his hands sliding inside her short jacket to rub her curvaceous body through the thin material of her T-shirt. “Good. You promised me some time off.” He kissed her throat, then bit her skin softly, eliciting a soft cry. “Don’t make me make you behave, little girl.”

Lara dipped her head, and nipped his cheek, even as her hand ran down to cup his swelling member. She gave it a sharp squeeze, making Mac groan. “You’re talking to a woman, little man. Don’t forget that,” she gave him another squeeze, caressing his erection with her fingers. “I can match you thrust for thrust.”

“I think you mean lust for lust,” Mac said huskily. He kissed her again, and Lara lost herself in the kiss, her libido rising. I want him, there’s no one around, maybe …

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