Salem's World

by T. D. Jones

Salem's World by T. D. Jones

Salem Richmond's a woman who has a lot going on in her world. She's running a company she inherited after her parents' tragic death. Her sister ends up in a mental hospital, and as if that isn't enough, Salem thinks she's going through the early stages of menopause and her sexual desires are getting out of control. She doesn't think her world will ever be normal again until she meets Dr. Mark Graves.



Release Date: April 4, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

~ A Pink Satin Romance ~


Salem Richmond’s strokes were long and even. She could feel her muscles tighten as she moved fast across the oversized pool. Without disturbing the rhythm of her movements, she flipped over onto her back. Firm, round nipples peeked out from beneath the water. The seasons were starting to change. She knew it would be just a few more months and she would have to turn on the heater for the pool, but for now she enjoyed the comfortable water just fine from the heat of the Texas sun. She had just finished doing her ritual morning laps when she stood up with the blue water rippling around her. She quickly turned when she heard the screaming and the back patio door slam.

“What the fuck!”

“Largate de `mi cocina!”  

Salem watched as a man made his way across the yard to the poolside. His blondish hair made him look younger than twenty-four. She didn’t know a lot about him. She did know he had a mom who drank a lot because she remembered he joked about how odd it was he had a drunk for a mom and he picked bartender as his profession.

“Your maid just threw fruit at my head. A damn grapefruit just about killed me.” He rubbed the back of his head.

“What did you say to her?” Salem glanced up at the young man standing on the side of the pool with no shirt on. His muscles were so tight they looked like they wanted to pop out of his skin. Black jeans were unbuttoned and slightly resting on his hips. Bare feet peeked out from beneath the bottom of the jeans. What was his name? Brandon, Brad?  She was so drunk last night names didn’t matter at the time. All that mattered now was that he was still here at her house. Why did she do this to herself? Bring these guys home and then the next morning regret it. She needed help. In the past few years it seemed to be happening more and more. She’d meet them and next thing she knew they would be in her bed.

“I just asked her to make me some breakfast and she said ‘no’, and then I said ‘well you’re the maid aren’t you, isn’t that what you do’? Then before I knew it she was talking some Spanish shit to me and throwing a basket full of fruit at me.”

“You should have never called her that, she doesn’t like it.” Salem made her way to the steps and started exiting the pool. “Rosa has been with me a long time and I’ve never referred to her as the maid.”

Salem was surprised the young man only got fruit to his head. Rosa Marquez considered herself the ruler of the Richmond estate. The mansion came with a quaint guest house and she set that up as her own little home but during the day the mansion was Rosa’s castle and no one crossed her moat without permission. Salem thought back to ten years ago when she interviewed her. Even with broken English she made it very clear she was no one’s maid. She would clean and cook and run the house while Salem ran the company but she was no maid, she wanted to be called a house assistant. Salem was never sure what the difference was but she didn’t want to question Rosa on it and from that day forward, Salem had a house assistant and it had worked out well for both of them. Cassie, her sister, was living with her at the time and Rosa took her under her wing and tried to mother her but Cassie’s seizures were coming too often and the depression was something neither one of them had the training to deal with. It broke both their hearts when Salem had to move Cassie to Arizona where she could receive the best care for her situation, but they both knew that was the best thing for her.

“Hey, hey. Don’t get out, I’ll get in.”

She watched as he started pushing his jeans off his hips. “I can’t. I have to get to work, besides I always do my swimming alone.” She wasn’t lying. She swam every morning and always did it alone. It use to be she could stay fit no matter what, but now that she getting closer to forty, gravity liked to screw with her and she had to swim her ass off to keep her body in the shape she wanted. Even having sex didn’t burn calories like it use to. 

“Last night you sure didn’t want to be alone, remember?” He rested his jeans back up on his hips and then wrapped his arms around her nude body as she reached around him for a towel, “Come on, I need your body again. You have the greatest body I’ve ever seen. Please, please, can’t I have some more? No one’s going to see us. You have this huge privacy fence around the place and besides you don’t have neighbors for miles.”

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