Summerhouse Blues

by T. D. Jones

Summerhouse Blues by T. D. Jones

Susan Summerhouse is a wife and mother who feels like her life has no meaning. Nothing seems to be going right. She soon finds out her dad is dating an old classmate of hers and things just start to get worse when Susan tries to prove to everyone that Allison Baxter is not as perfect and pretty as she makes out to be. Susan tries and digs up any dirt she can on Allison, but soon comes to realize that her life is the one that needs a change.




Release Date: April 4, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

~ A Pink Satin Romance ~


I was so focused on what kind of donut I was going to get I didn’t even see Allison Baxter slide up beside me.

“Susan Summerhouse, what are you doing?”

Any normal person would be able to tell what I was doing, but Allison wasn’t normal. She was never normal when we were in school together, and now that we’re in our thirties she’s still not normal. Let me explain. In front of me stood a petite woman and it was before eight on a Saturday morning and she was already perky. She bounced around in her pink jogging suit and her long, blond ponytail bounced right along with her. Everything about her looked perfect. She had goals for which adults strived. Me, I only had two goals at this point in my life. One, raise my kids to be normal people which, considering their gene pool, was going to be a hard goal to pull off. My second goal was to get my parents back together. Their divorce was a mistake, at least in my eyes. I looked down at Allison again. She was slightly jogging in place but not going anywhere. Standing next to her was like standing next to a live wire that had just come off the pole. You knew you had to kill it, you just had to figure out how without harming yourself in the process.

“You’re not eating that stuff are you?” Allison asked as she pointed to the glass case that lined a wall of the small shop.

Okay, I’m not one to lie but if she couldn’t figure it out then I wasn’t going to tell her.

“No, of course not. I just wanted to get a bottle of water.” I had been standing in the long line for the last ten minutes trying to decide if I was going to get the chocolate glazed-pecan covered donut or the strawberry glazed donut. After the week I had, I deserved both, but I knew I only needed one, but eating only one donut was very hard for me. I didn’t have that kind of will power. You see, I, Susan Summerhouse am not petite, or blond, and sure as hell not perky in the morning. Nope, I’m 5’6 if I stand up straight, and my hair is dirty brown right now, but when I wash it...well it’s still dirty brown. As for my weight, let me just say no one has ever called me tiny. Nor did I make anything look perfect. In fact, here lately, I had the feeling I was far from even being in the vicinity of anything perfect. The only thing Allison and I had in common at this moment was we both had on jogging suits, if you considered my gray sweat pants and a black sweat shirt that I had picked up off my closet floor and threw on, an actual jogging suit.

I looked over at her as she looked up and down the line. I could tell she was judging everyone for eating what she considered trash.

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