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For the Love of Ruthie

by Tenaya E. Jacob

For the Love of Ruthie by Tenaya E. Jacob

Looking for love in all the wrong faces, Clarissa falls for a real jerk but is taken in by his charm and good looks. It isn't until her beloved potbelly pig, Ruthie, takes an immediate dislike to her new boyfriend that Clarissa starts to see Brent for the bad guy he really is.

Disillusioned and broken hearted from her last failed relationship, she discovers the cantankerous new young doctor and neighbor of hers, is more than first meets the eye. Despite her rough start and working relationship with David, the doctor, Clarissa and her pig take quite a liking to him and strike up a good friendship. Through a series of mishaps and near disasters, the two discover first impressions are sometimes misleading and second beginnings and chances often lead to great rewards. Can Clarissa overcome her hatred of hunting and cardinal rule of not mixing business with pleasure to find love? Only she can battle her own demons and change her own misconceptions about life and love.



Release Date: December 4, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Chapter One

~ Tony, the Rat ~

Columbus, Ohio


Only a few days till the wedding.

Clarissa Wilford fumbled with her keys to the new condo she and her fiancé Tony would soon occupy. Exhausted after dealing with contentious accountants, insurance representatives, and stodgy hospital executives, she dumped her purse and parcels on the foyer table. The thought of soaking in the spa tub for an hour would be heaven.

The pounding thrum of a guitar dueling with the beat of a drum penetrated her senses. Tony must have forgotten to turn off the stereo. She followed the noise up the curving stairs to the master bedroom. When she reached the threshold, she stopped in shocked silence.

Standing in the doorway to the luxury condo’s master bedroom, she couldn’t think, speak, or move. Right there, on her new king-sized bed, two naked figures thrashed about, giving the mattress a thorough workout. Gradually her mind accepted what her eyes saw. Her groom-to-be was humping her best friend and maid of honor.

Red-hot fury consumed Clarissa. She took a step forward.


An icy chill replaced the heat. She turned on her heel and stumbled, but caught her balance. With an agonized yowl, she fled.


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