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Big 4 Trucking #4

Behind the Screen Door

by Victoria Staat

Behind the Screen Door by Victoria Staat

Bobby Weston decides to give up on love, especially with Torrie, agirl he thought he was in love with for almost six years. She went off to chase her dream of being a doctor. He stepped away so that she could succeed. Seeing her whenever he could never seemed to be enough. Bobby began to wonder if he had made her into his dream girl, the perfect woman in his head. So, he took a job for Big 4 Trucking in Memphis, hoping to get her out of his head.

Once Torrie discovers that Bobby’s been feeling the same way she has, she goes after him, because she could never get him out of her blood either.

Memphis was where they went head to head. All while a plot is being hatched against, Bobby, and Big 4 Trucking. Somehow, Torrie is plunged into the middle of the whole mess.


Release Date: October 16, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Chapter One

The only single man in Big 4 Trucking was coming back from a long haul. He shifted into second, third, then into fourth gear as he thought about his life. The road seemed to get longer with each haul. He loved his job and driving, yet it was the loneliness of these long jobs that had him down lately. Moreover, it was the thought of having nothing but a lonely flat to come home to.

Benet had no trouble finding women, yet they were all just women. Finding someone who he cared for, and could have feelings for him, seemed out of his reach. At least there was no one he wanted to spend more than a night with. Maybe he was meant to spend his life alone; could this be his fate? Benet took a deep breath as he resigned himself to being alone. It wasn’t a bad life, it was a good one.

With a deep breath, he tried to cheer himself up by thinking about how much he loved his job. Not only was he good at driving, the business was now making good money. In a few years, he’d be a man with financial security, and could buy whatever he wanted. That thought made him smile.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and he tapped the button of the blue tooth in his ear, then was thrown into a conversation between his partners’ wives, Candy, and Kelsey, and it went like this.

* * *

There was no mistaking Candy’s muffled voice, but then he heard a shaky statement from Big 4’s dispatcher.

“What are we going to do? These motorcycle guys said they’re looking for the Big 4 guys partners and there has to be at least twenty-five bikers here!” Kelsey said nervously.

“That’s why I’m calling Benet right now. He’ll make minced meat out of these bums!” Trent’s wife told her.

“Yeah, Candy, I’m sure Benet can handle them, no problem, but our husbands are already on their way here to the bar,” Kelsey said with panic in her voice.

“What the hell is going on, Candy?” Benet interrupted the conversation.

“Oh Benet, thank God. The guys are on their way here to my bar, and they’re going to get killed. Help us!” Candy said quickly.

“Slow down. Who’s going to kill them?” Benet tried to calm the girls down.

“There’s a motorcycle gang here. They say a Big 4 Trucking rig smashed one of their rider’s bikes. They are out for blood. These guys are not happy campers. What should we do?” Candy shouted.

“Stall,” Benet said seriously.

“Stall?” By the sound of her voice he knew that Candy didn’t have a clue how to do that.

“Yeah, delay them. Have Kelsey wait outside for the guys while you buy the motorcycle gang a couple of rounds,” Benet explained.

“I’ll send Torrie. She’s six months pregnant. I don’t want her in the middle of all this anyway,” Candy said with fear in her voice.

“Good idea. I’m putting the hammer down, so I’ll be there as quick as I can.” Benet tapped the blue tooth and he put his foot down on the gas pedal and he was gone.

* * *

Candy turned to tell Kelsey about the plan when she saw her husband, Trent, walk into the bar, Bobby and Jimmy right behind him. She panicked and ran past Kelsey to Trent.

Her movement made the bikers react. Seemed like at that moment, they saw it; Trent’s white T Shirt with big, bold, red letters which read, Big 4 Trucking. The sight of the T Shirt set everything into motion.

Thank God Kelsey was quick on her feet, considering Candy’s first thought was for Bobby’s wife, Torrie, and the baby she was carrying. Kelsey pushed Torrie behind the bar and told her to stay down. A moment later, Kelsey hurried over to her husband, Jimmy. She got there just as Candy was explaining all about the bikers. Once Trent knew what was going on he turned to Jimmy, and said, “Put the girls behind the bar. I don’t want them in the middle of this.”

Jimmy grabbed Kelsey and Candy by the arm and shoved them behind the bar with Torrie.

The girls watched their husbands stroll across the bar as if it were just another day. They were going to get themselves killed, all three of them.

Candy shook her head.  “We’re going to all be widows.”

Candy couldn’t stand the idea of losing her husband, so she huddled the girls together, shouting to be heard above the jukebox. “Look, I spoke to Benet. He’s on his way into town, and he’s hauling ass to get here.”

“Hell, our husbands could be dead by then!” Torrie hollered her concerns from behind the bar.

“Just calm down. Our husbands know how to handle themselves, and of course they have us to give them a hand,” Candy said with deadly calmness.

“I’m a lover not a fighter,” Torrie rushed out.

“Oh, stop it, you can hold your own in a bar fight, I’ve seen you. Kelsey, you’ve worked in a bar. I’m sure you’ve been in your share of bar fights. Now look, you two, we’re not sure if Benet will get here in time, so it’s up to us to watch our husbands’ backs,” Candy announced.

A moment later, she gave Torrie and Kelsey a nod of approval.

Trent and his partners strolled across the dance floor, standing tall and proud. Candy thought her husband never looked more handsome. Yep, the other girls realized their husbands were turn-ons too. Candy was right: they knew there was no choice but to lend a hand. Yet for now, they stood back and watched how the guys were going to handle the unhappy motorcycle gang.

* * *

The women were so busy watching the men in their lives, they didn’t notice the huge leader of the gang approaching. He was cool, calm, and unshaken when he stood in front of Trent. “You’re Big 4 Trucking?”

“Who’s askin’?” Trent said as he stepped forward.

“Me. I’m called the Butcher, and I’m the leader of these here guys. We’re called the Texas riders.”

Trent turned to Bobby and Jimmy. “Do we do any hauling for a Butcher?”

“Hell, no. We don’t have any refrigerator trailers!” Bobby said

“Nope, no refrigerator trailers,” Jimmy said, chuckling.

The Butcher didn’t show any response to the attitude he was getting. Until he doubled up his fist and threw a punch that landed square in Trent’s face, who stumbled backwards, but he didn’t fall.

Trent looked over at him as he wiped the blood from his lip. “That wasn’t very neighborly,” he blurted out.

“It wasn’t very neighborly of you to run over my buddy Clint’s bike. The man ain’t got much money and he built the thing from the frame up. Now it’s a pile of rubble,” the Butcher said with his hands on his hips, and a sickening smirk on his face.

Trent saw Bobby step between him and the Butcher. “Didn’t happen, at least not by us. Big 4 doesn’t do stuff like that, and if we did by accident, we’d pay for the damn bike.”

“You sure as hell did. Cause Clint said you did.” The Butcher took hold of Bobby’s shirt and pulled him close.

“I’d like to talk to this Clint fella,” Jimmy announced as he yanked the Butcher’s hands-off Bobby.

Suddenly, Trent noticed the rest of the bikers were making their way across the room.

The girls had been slowly making their way from behind the bar when the bartender, Jack, stepped in front of them. “You girls are staying out of this. Get behind the bar where it’s safe.” He herded them behind the bar, grabbed his baseball bat from under the counter and went to stand by the truckers.

The first blow of the fight was from the Butcher, but Trent was determined to have the last. So, the fight started with Trent’s first blow slamming into the Butcher’s face, and the free for all began.


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