Big 4 Trucking #3

Worth Waiting For

by Victoria Staat

Worth Waiting For by Victoria Staat

Bobby, one of the Big 4 Trucking partners, decides to give up on love, especially with Torrie. A girl he’d thought he was in love with for almost 6 years. She went off to chase her dream of being a doctor. While he stepped away so that she could succeed without being in her way. Seeing her whenever he could, never seemed to be enough. Bobby was beginning to wonder if he’d made her up in his head. So, he takes a job for the company in Memphis to get away and put her out of his head.

When Torrie finds out that Bobby has been feeling the same way about her, that she’d been feeling about him. She goes after him, because she could never get him out of her blood either. Memphis was where they go head to head. All while a plot is being hatched against Bobby and Big 4 Trucking. Somehow Torrie’s plunged into the middle of the whole mess.


Release Date: July 17, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Chapter One

Torrie Stuart stood at the nurse’s station at Mott’s Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan. She was finishing up her residency in Pediatrics. Her life had been full of studying and practicing to be a doctor for six long years. Medical school was over, and she had two years of residency under her belt. One more year in different departments and she would be a family doctor. That thought made her beam with joy.

A moment later a deep familiar voice pulled her away from a child’s chart. She looked up and grinned.

“I’m glad to see you smiling. Maybe you’re happy to see me, Torrie,” her home town family doctor exclaimed.

Torrie took hold of his hand. “Doctor Willis, have you come by to see me, or are you just seeing a patient here at the hospital?”

“I’ve driven three hours to talk to you.”

She looked a little surprised. “I’m honored. Give me just a minute to jot down a few orders here and we can talk.”

She saw him point to a waiting room not more than twenty feet away. “I’ll be right there when you’re done.”

Fifteen minutes later Torrie walked in and saw the aging family doctor. She noticed the man looked a bit tired; his hunched stance told her so. She realized at that moment his hair was no longer brown with bits of gray, it was totally gray. Obviously, time had caught up with dear Dr. Willis.

However, when she stood next to him she didn’t mention it, just smiled and hugged him. “It’s so good to see you, Doctor Willis. How are you, how are things going with your practice? Most importantly, why in heavens name did you drive all the way out here to see me?”

“C’mon, sit here with me. You do have a few moments to spare, don’t you?” He searched her eyes.

“I have a whole hour before I have to do rounds.”

Once she was seated alongside the doctor, her old friend said, “I have a bit of a proposition for you.”

“A proposition?”

“Look Torrie, I’m going to be straight with you. I’m getting on in years, and my practice and hospital duties are getting to be too much for me. I need an associate. Someone who can help with the load. A person who will one day take over not only my office, but my status in the community as well. My very first choice was you. If you remember, I was the one who helped you make the decision to be a doctor, and the one who encouraged you all through school. However, to be perfectly honest, I was going to wait until you were done with your residency to approach you on this. With that being said, I’ve been having some medical issues.” He shrugged. “Not bad mind you, high blood pressure and a touch of diabetes. Which has had my wife worried, and she’s been pushing me to get some help in the office. So, at this point I must ask you, would you consider working with me?”

“Oh, Dr. Willis, working with you would be a dream come true.” Almost immediately she lost her smile. “But, I’m not done with my residency here.”

“I know, however if you’re interested, we could work this out. You study with me in your field, which I hear is family practice. You’ll do your residency in my office and finish it up at the Harbor Beach hospital. Of course this all hinges on your willingness to leave U of M. I know it’s a prestigious hospital of learning, although if you still want a family practice in your own home town, this is the time to go for it.”

“Is it possible to finish my residency in your office and the hospital?”

“Yes. I’ve even spoken with the doctors you’ve been working under. You would have to study under a family practitioner anyway, why not me? Especially seeing this is your field, there should be no problem.”

“If I can do it, I’m in. I’ve always wanted my own practice with a doctor I totally respect.” Torrie threw her arms around his neck.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, it’s what I’ve been wanting from the very beginning. A chance to help the people in my home town. When can I go?” she asked excitedly.

“I hear you have two more weeks in pediatrics. When you’re done, come home and we’ll work out your schedule.” Kindness sparkled in his eyes.

“Thank you, Dr. Willis. You’re making my dream come true.” She hugged him again.

“No, thank you. Now I can get the rest I need while teaching you how to be a family doctor. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Me either. Yes, home at last.” She beamed

* * *

Back in Port Austin, Big 4 Trucking was doing very well at the moment. In view of the fact that Bobby Weston had just signed the biggest deal ever, for his company. Hell, it was the greatest deal of his career. This meant more work for the guys, money too. All their dreams for the company would finally be at their fingertips.

Bobby stumbled into the Big 4 Trucking office hardly able to stand. He and the gentleman who signed the new five-year contract had been celebrating most of the afternoon. Thank God he was brought back by a Limo, because damn, he was blasted!

As soon as he walked in, Kelsey the dispatcher ran to him, as he was struggling to stay standing up right. So she put her arm around his back; his arm lay over her shoulder as she helped him to the seat at his desk.

“I, Kelsey, have just made the biggest deal in Big 4 history!”

“Is that why you’re so drunk, Bobby?” She held back her laughter.

“I’ll have you know, I’m not drunk. I’ve just been celebrating, and so should you. I’ve made you and your husband wealthy people.” He hiccuped, and she giggled at him.

“It’s not funny, it’s true, honest it is,” he declared.

“I believe you, it’s just that I’ve never seen you so drunk. Let me get you some coffee.”

“Are you trying to kill my buzz, Kelsey?” His words slurred.

“Just a little.” She made the small sign with her fingers.

It wasn’t long before the big deal maker was leaning back in his leather desk chair, while the dispatcher made a pot of strong coffee.

He was on his second cup of coffee when his partner, Trent, walked in.

“What’s with Bobby?” Trent said as he walked slowly past his partner.

“He says he’s been celebrating, and something about us being wealthy people.” She shrugged.

Bobby watched Trent turn to him. “You signed the deal, a five-year contract?”

Bobby leaned back in his leather desk chair and gloated up at his partner. “I certainly did. Every I is dotted, and every T is crossed. We, Trent, will finally reap what we’ve sowed.”

“If anyone could make this deal happen, I knew you could.” Trent slapped him on the back.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Bobby sounded humble.

“This must certainly be your lucky day because I’ve also heard that Torrie may be coming home.”

“She can’t be. She still has another year, maybe more, of hospital Residency,” Bobby said nonchalantly.

“I don’t know about all of that, but Candy mentioned just yesterday that she may be coming home for a couple of days.”

Bobby stared off into space, deep in thought about the beautiful Torrie. 

“Did you hear me? I said that she’ll be coming home soon.” Trent’s comment pulled him out of his thoughts.

“I heard you.”

“It’s your chance—what you’ve been waiting for. She’s almost done with school, she’s a Resident now. It’s your chance to knock her off her feet!”

Bobby was still staring off when he said, “Hell, I don’t know if she’s still what I want. She’s going to be a doctor. She’s an educated woman, and it’s been six long years.”

“Maybe it has, but you made sure you saw her for every event and holiday in those six years, I don’t think she’s changed.”

“I have to think about this.”

“Go ahead. You have a few days, give it some serious thought.”

All he did was nod to his friend.

“Bobby, are you sober enough to talk business? I know you just signed the biggest deal of your career and all, but I need to discuss something with you.” Trent was serious.

“I’m sober, and I’m listening.”

He watched Trent take a seat in the chair across the desk from him. “Benet, Jimmy and I have been talking about this deal. In order to do it right, and really make the big money, we need to open another office.”

At the same time, they both said, “In Memphis.”

The partners smiled at each other. “You were thinking the same thing, weren’t you, Bobby?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know how to bring it up to you guys. This deal will finally bring in the money we’ve been hoping for. I didn’t think you’d all want to put a lot of cash into another headquarters.”

“It makes sense. With this deal there’ll be lots of runs going to and from Tennessee, Memphis mostly. We need to have a team there to pick up the slack.”

Bobby nodded agreement.

They both sat quietly for a few moments as Bobby took another drink of his hot black coffee.

“So, I guess I’m going to Memphis.” Bobby said as a matter of fact.

“Look, you weren’t our first choice.” He held his hand up to Bobby. “Benet and Jimmy wanted me to go, but right now, it’s bad timing. Our oldest son, Ben, is just starting school next month, and the twins are a handful for Candy when I’m just gone on a three-day haul.”

“No, Trent, you’re not only needed at home, you’re needed here to run Big 4, especially if we’re opening another office in Memphis.”

“Benet said he’d go, he thinks he can handle it.”

“No, Trent, Benet’s our big money maker right now. We have to keep him on the road, and forget Jimmy, Kelsey’s three months pregnant, which leaves only me.”

Bobby shook his head at Trent as he opened his mouth to speak, and just continued. “You know as well as I do, I’m the logical choice. I have no ties here, no responsibilities, it makes perfect sense for me to go, and don’t forget this is my deal. I know these people better than anyone. Me going to Memphis is the best idea. You know I’m right.”

“What about your life, Bobby?”

“You know better than anyone, I have no life.”

“Torrie will be out of school in a year or so. You can finally go after her,” Trent encouraged.

Bobby had both hands on his hot coffee cup as he stared past Trent. “I’m not even sure about that anymore. It’s like she’s become a dream girl to me. All I do is dream about her. I don’t even know if she’s real, or if I’ve made her up in my head.”

“You see her every time she’s home, no matter what the occasion.”

“Yeah, but I stay away from her. We’re never alone. The only kiss I get is a hello kiss or a good bye kiss. I’ve spent so much time guarding her dream, I’ve lost sight mine.”

“You never talk about your dreams,” Trent said with seriousness.

“Of course I don’t talk about it. There never seems to be any time for what Bobby wants.”

“What does Bobby want?”

He shrugged. “What you have, what Jimmy’s found, love, marriage and a family, I’m going to be thirty-two, Trent. When do I get my dream? The pitiful part of it all is, I’m not even sure how to get that anymore.”

Bobby prided himself on always being the happy salesman. Whether selling himself to women or making deals for Big 4 Trucking. He also realized that his partner was getting a rare glimpse into this side of him. Still, at that moment his feelings were mixed with loneliness and liquor, and he just didn’t care.

“You know, maybe this isn’t a good time to open another office. You need to be home here with us, your family.” Trent shook his head at him.

Bobby gave his friend and partner a smile. “Thanks for the kind words, but we really do need to open the second location, and as I said, I’m the logical choice. I’ll be ready to leave come Monday morning. I’ll have Kelsey book me a flight to Memphis.”

Bobby took a big drink of coffee when Trent leaned forward, his hands clasped between his knees. “All right, Bobby, you win, but you have to be back here in four months. Big 4 needs you right here, it’ll be like running on three cylinders instead of four. You, like all of us, keep Big 4 on the road. So don’t get any ideas about staying in Memphis, ’cause’ we’ll all go down there and drag your sorry ass back home.”

Bobby reached across his desk and they shook hands as he said, “Deal!”



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