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Wendy Stone

Wendy Stone was born when the kids were old enough to not need constant supervision and the word "Mom!" wasn't quite as often used. At that point, the creative juices began to flow and her first book was written. Since then, life seems a bit weird if she doesn't have her laptop in her lap and her fingers flying across the keys. Any writer will tell you that writing is a catharsis and a way for dirty minded people to get the chance to be paid for using it. She loves her fans and can only hope that they will be faithful for many years to come.

Wendy Stone lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her daughter, her daughter's SO and two dogs and two cats.

Blog: http://threadsofsilk.blogspot.com


The Tunsey Women
Lisette by Wendy Stone Giselle by Wendy Stone Victoria by Wendy Stone