Downhill Rush

by Maya Hunter

Downhill Rush

Donna Mallory is a mountain bicycle rider who is kicked off a prestigious competition in a women’s race when she gets into a catfight with the jealous girlfriend of a male biker, Liam Adams.

Donna can’t give up all of the hours of training she did to get in shape for the race and decides to dress up and impersonate a guy and enter the men’s competition.

Liam is disgruntled when he discovers he’s attracted to the guy named Don Miller, knowing he’s never liked guys. He’s furious when he discovers the truth and blackmails Donna into becoming his sex slave for the three days of the racing competition. In exchange, he won’t ruin her biking career.

Knowing she has no choice, Donna surrenders her body to Liam, and in the process, loses her heart to him.


Release Date: May 16, 2017
Genre: Short | Contemporary | Erotic Romance

Red Satin Romance


Chapter One


“You’re insane, absolutely crazy.”

This time it wasn’t the voices in her head, it was her best friend Jenny loudly whispering at her.

Donna was at the starting point of a very long runway, already warming up on her bicycle. She was next up. It was mountain bicycling’s most prestigious competition. Fuck, it was a long way down and a very bumpy ride, Donna thought as she stared down the long woody course that spread before her.

But this didn’t even begin to describe her biggest problem. Her biggest problem right now was that she was qualifying for the men’s category instead of the women's category.

After being banished from the women’s category earlier that day, it was either disguise herself as a man (which wasn’t that hard with a helmet and goggles, and in her case, there wasn’t much to hide on the front side.)

Her other choice was to wait for next year. But then all her training and preparations would go down the drain. Donna wasn’t going to let that happen. She had worked so hard and trained all year long for this. She refused to go home without even feeling the rush of riding the course at least once.

So she took a deep breath and told herself there was no way back. When the whistle sounded, she would launch herself down that hill, and to hell with the consequences.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jenny, but I know what I'm doing, I hope,” she managed to say to her friend before the metallic whistle sounded, and then she was off. “Break a leg,” Jenny yelled after her.

Oh god, I hope not, she thought to herself, as she raced full speed over rocks, branches and puddles of mud. After just a few seconds her outfit was beginning to cover in mud. She was used to riding in these conditions, but never had she pushed herself so hard, to the point she was in danger of flying off her bike, it was the only way she stood a chance at catching up with the guys. At that moment, the possibility of breaking her leg seemed very real.

By the time she was halfway down the course, her muscles were burning, and she was full of dirt. It was only sheer spite that kept her going when her bike started shaking on the uneven ground. Fortunately for her, it wasn’t long before she saw the finish line fast approaching. Her blood was pumping, she felt unbeatable, peddling even harder. She was so intent on her goal that she wasn't even noticing the pain as she jumped over the final obstacle.

Somehow managing to stay on her bike, hanging on for dear life, she gave one last mental push. And then she crossed the finish line. One thing was for sure, she gave it everything she had.

If it was enough, she had no idea.

Donna dropped herself to the ground, landing flat on her back panting, her bike tossed next to her, waiting for the announcer to call out her time “Don Miller. Four minutes and fifteen seconds.” It’s barely enough to pass to the next level,” echoed from the speakers.

Holly shit, I did it, she thought, as a herd of dirty, smelly guys rushed over to congratulate her and help her up. But she didn’t mind, she was just as dirty and smelly as the rest of them. If she had any air left in her she would have screamed for joy, but it was just as well that she didn’t. If she did, they would have definitely found out she was a girl.

“First race for young Miller, so it's quite a shock for all of us here that he managed to squeeze himself into the list of competitors,” the announcer went on. She actually wasn’t that young, thirty-one to be exact. And it really wasn’t her first race. She was actually well known in the women’s category. But in order to pass off as a man she had to pretend she was only eighteen to explain her unusually small proportions.

But all that didn’t matter to Donna right now. All that mattered to her was that she was in the race.

Racing was her life, and she didn’t intend to stop racing. Not even temporarily. And especially not because of some jealous paranoid bitch that didn’t like her boyfriend looking at other girls, and starting a cat fight, which led to Donna being expelled.

That stupid Olive actually accused her of having an affair with Liam Adams, her well photographed boyfriend. He was usually seen with Barbie Olive hanging over his arm, her every hair placed just right.

He was a rider, a very good looking one she had to admit. He had green eyes and short dark hair and his body was solid but not pumped up. But Donna didn’t know him personally. They raced the same hills but these events tended to be very intense, fast and they took everything in you. Not a very good format for socializing.

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