Chance Encounters Series #1

Chances Are:
A Pride & Prejudice Reimagining

by Ney Mitch

Chances Are by Ney Mitch

Tragedy has struck Longbourn!

Mr. Bennet has passed away and the ladies of Longbourn now find themselves without a patriarch to protect them. Yet, tragedy has also struck Hunsford Parsonage. Mr. Collins, so soon into his marriage to Charlotte Lucas, has also passed away, unexpectedly. While all of this has occurred, Mr. Bingley and his company of friends has already left Netherfield Park.

Therefore, Elizabeth Bennet, her four sisters and her mother are wondering what shall happen, while recovering from the loss of Mr. Bennet. Yet, now that her father is gone, Elizabeth Bennet has decided to become more proactive and find a way for them to have a future. One way in which she does this is to influence Jane to pursue Mr. Bingley. In an attempt to do so, she has also decided to alter her perspective on his friend: Mr. Darcy.

Here comes the first chapter to a whole new series on new adventures with the characters of ‘Pride & Prejudice’!


Release Date: July 14, 2020
Genre: Historical Romance | Reimagining

A Pink Satin Romance


Chapter One

I talk of dreams.

I speak of desires.

For in the world we live in, we humans rarely do anything else but those two things. Within the very secrets of our hidden souls, we are fed by both those objects. Dreams belong in the domain of the mind while desires lie expressly in the province of the heart. We know that they feed us.

However, outward we present a whole other portrait. We paint ourselves differently when in society. For no matter how we feel within, from without, in the very eyes of the world, we must always put on a proper face. We must be expected to always appear as almost idle, lacking occupation…and we must not present ourselves as one who is ever dreaming and desiring anything.

Yet, both those items are never farther from our thoughts.

Charlotte Lucas, one of my dearest friends, secretly is feeding on both of those internal sources at present. I may not be near her, yet I know that she is. The letter she had sent me is now resting on my desk in my room, and though her words are sanguine, I know better.

I know the truth.

For, though there be a part of Charlotte that I do not know, there is still the part that is familiar to me.

I know, now more than ever, that she wishes so much had not occurred as it had.

Looking down at the letter, I can imagine her expressions and countenance as she wrote it. She would not be weeping as she composed this missive, and that much was apparent for the lack of tear stains that were on the page. Yet, she would have been frozen over from the situation…of things in her life not going as planned.

Packing a black dress in my wardrobe chest, as well as other items, I recalled the words in the letter almost accurately…


My dearest Lizzy,

I write to inform you of news which you have perhaps already heard. No doubt, with the comfort and connections between Lucas Lodge and Longbourn, my father, mother or siblings may have already delivered this message.

My late husband, my poor Mr. Collins, has recently passed away, and thus I have been, at so young a time, been placed into the role of widow. My father is to come up to Hunsford parsonage so that I am able to assemble all my belongings. In a month’s time, I shall have to quit Hunsford entirely, to make way for the new Reverend who is to take my husband’s place.

If you so desire it, I wished for you to accompany him and my sister to Hunsford, while I prepare myself for this new step in my life…the step for which I am to return back to my father’s home, where I shall once more be a burden.

Lizzy, if you do not desire to come, then do not. Yet, since both you and I have experienced a recent tragedy in our family, and our fates have often been inextricably bound, then I would love for you to assist me when I am in this frightful hour.


I am yours, etc.



Charlotte Lucas, who had very briefly been named Charlotte Collins from marriage, was now to return to the life she once had. She was a widow, yes, but when had those ever been of any great power in our world?


Therefore, she was as the rest of us were: of little importance, and indirect as to her future. Like us Bennet sisters, she was a leaf along the wind of the plans of fate. 



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