Ney Mitch

Ney Mitch has been a long-standing Jane Austen enthusiast, having written forty novels that were inspired by her various works. Since stumbling on Miss Austen’s books after graduating from college, she has always dabbled in Austen inspired literature, ranging from writing works for teens to adults. Originally, her desire was to adapt Jane Austen’s writing in a way to help young adults connect with her, however over time, she has spread her aims to other genres and styles.

Having received her BA Degree at Desales University, she is a writer, both literary and dramatic, as well as being a Historic Reenactor.

Twitter: @CMMitchelPsyche

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The Tale of Mr. & Mrs. Bennett by Ney Mitch

Romance & Revolution Series
The First Impression by Ney Mitch

The Kitty Bennet Adventure Series
Vanities & Vexations by Ney Mitch Forms & Fashions by Ney Mitch

Seasonal Situations Series
Considerations Near Christmastime by Ney Mitch

Chance Encounter Series
Chances Are by Ney Mitch Chances Come by Ney Mitch Chances Fade by Ney Mitch Chances End by Ney Mitch

Pride, Prejudice & New Adventures Series
Rapture & Rebellion by Ney Mitch Fortune and Misfortune by Ney Mitch Desire & Destiny by Ney Mitch Pride & Peace by Ney Mitch Resolve & Revelations by Ney Mitch Hope & Hopelessness by Ney Mitch

Memory Series
Moments of Moments Past by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Present by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Future by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Infinite by Ney Mitch