The Memory Series #1

Moments of Moments Past:
A Pride & Prejudice Reimagining

by Ney Mitch

Moments of Moments Past by Ney Mitch

It’s a tendency of humankind to believe in miracles,
but then to not believe them when we see them.

If it were not for what I had undergone,
I never would have thought this ever possible.
Yet it was!

While taking a stroll along a pond near her father’s estate, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself being sucked into a hole and cannot escape. Feeling she is at the end of her life, she prays for deliverance, but then she finds herself free. When she rises out of the water, she discovers that she is in a river called ‘The Delaware.’ And that she is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2016.

After a near fatal accident, Elizabeth is rushed to a hospital, where she meets Fitzwilliam Darcy. Feeling sorry for her predicament, he pays for her medical bills. When he discovers she has no idea where she is, he feels obliged to look after her. What more could come from this new acquaintance?

Follow the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet as she must adjust to modern times!


Release Date: April 30, 2019
Genre: Time Slip Romance



Gasping for breath, my back arched as I took in the most welcome air. It was a blessing—a great one!

I was alive, and now I could return to Longbourn at last. Oh dear, Mama would be so angry, and Jane would be worried, but Father, Kitty and Lydia would only laugh. I had no knowledge of what Mary’s reaction would have been, but it would be something that would attempt to be smart, but not fully being so.

Now that I was alive, I did find the significance behind a joke, and now it was time to—

The light and air had distracted me. For once I had become accustomed to the illumination, I saw that I was in no stream, nor was the bank anywhere to be seen.

Fear and panic gripped me when I realized that I was in the midst of a large river, and the bank was clearly far away!

“My god! Where am I?”

“There’s a woman there!” I heard someone shout. I turned to who called out and realized that what I had seen underwater was clearly a boat! A boat that was the size of a ferry—perhaps that was precisely what it was—but it was the strangest ferry I had ever seen. It was white, was strangely designed, but there were people who were peering at me treading so vigorously in the water.

The person who had seen me was a little girl, and she was the one who was pointing towards me and pulling at her mother’s dress.

“A woman, a woman in the water!” she repeated, to which the cries of the rest of the people followed as they pointed at me. And then I saw a shadow behind me as they all roared out.

“No! Watch it, there is a woman in the water, below your ship!”

I turned and saw that the shadow that loomed over the water behind me was no cloud of any kind, but to my horror, it was one of the largest ships that I had ever seen.

And it was coming right towards me.

* * *

I cried out, but refusing to panic, I turned around and began to swim as quickly as I could in the opposite direction of the ship, but as I continued to swim, I saw a strange sort of fanning ‘tool’ under the ship that was moving at quick speed, and I deduced that somehow, it was propelling the ship forward. I knew not what it was, but there was too much strangeness occurring at once to think or consider anything properly.

Yet, with the speed that I had to comprehend anything, I must be in London, in the Thames. Though how I arrived there, I knew not. All that mattered at the moment was that I escaped from the onslaught.

Therefore, swimming forward and feeling the presence of the boat nearby, I still heard the sounds of the cries from the ferry, trying to urge the ship to come to a halt to keep from sailing over me—and if it did not, it would overtake me. I knew it. I was certain of it.

I was about to die.


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