A Bride For Christmas by Anna Aysgarth Annie and the Outlaw by Nancy Pirri Champagne Promises by Doris Lemcke Chances Are by Ney Mitch Chances Come by Ney Mitch Come Here To Me by Karen Dean Benson "Dawn and the Pirate Assassin" by April Marcom Devil's Grace: Renn Arelia's Story by Karen Dean Benson Distrusting by Victoria Staat Donnach's Daughter by Nancy Pennick Desire & Destiny by Ney Mitch The Duke and the Lady Sleuth by Nancy Pirri Duke of Her Dreams by Olivia Ritch< Eighth Winter by Jillian Kae Reimann Flipping Rich Bastards by Julie G. Murphy Heart of the Emerald by Nancy Pennick Fortune and Misfortune by Ney Mitch Giselle by Wendy Stone Hide and Seek by Lois Carroll My Highlander Husband by Nancy Pennick His Prisoner by Lois Carroll Homecoming by Nancy Pennick A Husband For Christmas by Nancy Pirri Janie and the Judge by Nancy Pirri Kaie and the Marshal by Nancy Pirri Laura and the Railroad Baron Lord of Her Dreams by Olivia Ritch Love on the Run by Barbara Donlon Bradley The MacAulay Bride by Nancy Pirri MacLaren Strong by Nancy Pennick Maid of His Heart by Natasha Perry A Mans World by Josie Malone The Marquess Meets Miss Nobody by Anna Aysgarth >Mission Song: Chenoa’s Story by Karen Dean Benson Moments of Moments Future by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Infinite by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Past by Ney Mitch Moments of Moments Present by Ney Mitch Montana Rose by Sherry Derr-Wille Mulberry Bend: Aisling's Story by Karen Dean Benson Never a Lady by Anna Aysgarth Now and Forever by Nancy Pennick One Last Farewell by Isabelle Kane Pirates by Jaden Sinclair A Portrait in Time by Barbara Donlon Bradley Prairie Ghosts by AnneMarie Dapp Pride & Peace by Ney Mitch "Ransom For a Viking" by Isabelle Kane Rapture and Rebellion by Ney Mitch Legacy of Lies by Doris Lemcke Romancing My Lady by Nancy Pirri Ruined Hearts by Natasha Perry The Runaway Wife by Jane Bonander Secret at Darj Castle by Karen Dean Benson Then and Now by Lois Carroll Three Days to Choose by Celeste Joy Three Days to Love by Celeste Joy The Trousseau by Victoria Staat Victoria by Wendy Stone A Walk Between the Winds by Toni Morrow Wyatt & Margaret Chism Morrow Western Knight by Julie G Murphy White Mountain Spirit by Dors Lemcke